Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Shop johnston home

I've been MIA,... again. 
I will do an update on what's been going on in our home soon
But today i wanted to tell you all about something i am doing
I am starting up an instagram shop! 
In this shop, i will be reselling some of our gently used items 
mostly our kiddos good clothing items, some of our clothing, & ocassionally a home product
The shop name is @shopjohnstonhome

follow us on instagram!
if you are unfamiliar with how an instagram shop works,  {There are tons out there!} i'll break it down for you;
1. I will post individual items with the price under the picture
2. If you want the pictured item (serious buyers only!!!) simply put your best email address as a comment
3. The first email address left on each item wins
4. If you won the item, I will  send an invoice to your email through paypal
5. Pay the invoice
6. I will mail your item to you 
easy peasy

If you do not pay your invoice within 48 hours, item goes to the next email address left.

Here's a peek at a few items i will be posting on FRIDAY the 31st 
Most items are sizes 6-12 months for this first post

As G and Liam grow out of their clothes, I will continue to post their lightly used items, so this shop will be ongoing, & will go up in size as they grow out of their clothes. 

Find us on instagram { @shopjohnstonhome } & get some cute, cheap, lightly used clothes for your little sweetie :) Spread the word! 
Opening shop on Friday february 31st! 

Happy wednesday ;) 


  1. That's a great idea! Will certainly spread the word! I've been buying gently used clothing for my children, never had a problem with them.

  2. Hi! This might sound crazy but I was looking for a maternity dress and came across your maternity photos and fell in LOVE with the Jessica Simpson dress you had on during the shoot. I'm standing up in a country wedding and I've looked online and can't find the dress you are wearing for sale. Any chance you'd be willing to sell yours? Thanks so much. -jessica (