Saturday, March 31, 2012

{how to: wear your baby}

As we have mentioned, in our home, we are baby wearers.
I am a strong believer in the benefits of baby wearing, both for mama & baby.
If were not wearing her, were holding her.
& she is a very happy baby.

A few of you have emailed me & commented asking me to talk about how to use a baby wrap. 
I figured it was much easier to just show you.
note: it took a few tries to get this video done. William kept laughing at me & G kept talking & giggling. So cute, but so distracting :) So this video is far from perfect, but, oh well! 

I am doing the demonstration with a Boba wrap.
I also have a Lulu wrap.
I love them both very much.
This how to video is for any baby wrap

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of baby wearing, Click here.

Leave a comment with any questions you may have!

Friday, March 30, 2012

{green smoothie}

I have gotten into a very bad habit.
I ALWAYS forget to eat breakfast. Crazy right? Especially since im a nursing mama. 
Breakfast is a very important meal.. & i cant seem to remember it with all the craziness in this house! Wake up, send off husby to work, feed  the baby, dress the baby, play with baby, make our bed, put baby down for nap, do the laundry, clean the kitchen, ... at this point, {usually like 1130} i realize i havent eaten yet..& i end up eating just whatever i can find, usually not the healthiest thing. Bad mama! 

I have found a couple of ways to remedy this problem. 
There are a couple of quick breakfasts that i make now that are filled with delicious & healthy things that get me through the morning. 

The first is a Green smoothie
I have tried a couple of different recipes but this one is my favorite & i have it almost every morning now. I look forward to it! {Found original recipe here}
1 {frozen} banana, pre cut
2 cups/handfuls spinach
1 Tbsp Almond butter or peanut butter
3/4 Cup plain or vanilla almond milk 
1/2 Cup greek yogurt plain or vanilla
some ice

* put it all in a blender & blend until there are no lumps & it looks kind of bubbly.

This smoothie is filled with lots of wonderful things: Vitamins, protein, Iron, Fiber, potassium, magnesium & calcium, are just a few.  & it tastes super yummy! I promise. You cant even taste the spinach AT ALL. & its pretty filling too! I almost forget to eat lunch :) oops!

Enjoy :) 
Happy Friday! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{grass time}

Every day i take Giuliana outside to the grassy area by our house & play with her. We put a blanket down & i bring lots of toys! she loves being outside. She loves looking at everything, the trees, the houses, the people. 
Yesterday, Williams parents wanted to join us for grass time. {AKA Siti & Jojo.}
Instead of being called Grandma & Grandpa, we call them Siti & Jojo.
Siti means Grandma in Arabic 
Jojo means.. well.. Jojo  haha :) 
joe thought it was cute. & we do too! 
Plus, its fun saying to Giuliana "Let go see Siti & jojo!" 
She loves them so much! 
{This is my new favorite picture, Siti, Daddy & baby all smiling at one another. So cute!}
Happy Wednesday :) 

Monday, March 26, 2012


We have tried ot make it a tradition since we have been married, to go to the renaissance festival with my little sister, Sarah. 
This year was a lot of fun! 
& we had another person with us,.. GIULIANA! 
She liked it :) 
She loved the music & she LOVED all the attention she got from all the people in costumes. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So im pretty sure our baby is a genius. 
This is such a great video of G {at 13 weeks old.}
She says "Hello" to her uncle Jeremy, clear as day! 
She has been saying it for a couple of weeks & we have been telling everyone about it , 
but no one believes us! 
Now we have proof! 
Isn't she the cutest thing?!
I love her baby babble
oh & the drool on her shirt too :) 

Friday, March 16, 2012

{Is this real life?...}

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real that you werent really quite sure if you were still in your dream or if it was real life?
That happened to me last night. 
Long story short, I was having a horrible, terrifying dream, a nightmare if you will. A parents WORST nightmare.
& i awoke to our little girl crying. Needless to say, i woke up even more freaked out than i was in my dream.
 I RAN to her room, picked her up & cuddled her & rocked her back to sleep as tears ran down my face, then went back into our room & sat on the bed. 
I woke William up & all i could say through my tears was "hug me.."
He was completely confused.
But he hugged me  & comforted me. 
I proceeded to tell him about my dream as i cried & cried, I was so worked up! It felt so real! 
It was THE scariest dream i have ever had in my life

After he got me calmed down, i layed down & tried to go to sleep. 
But it seemed that every 10 minutes or so i was up again going to check on our little girl..
then every half hour after that i was waking up..asking william to check on her because i was too scared to go down the hall. 
"Shes still in her room right?" I would ask him.
"Of course she is sweetie, she is safe, go back to bed.." he would say, so calmly.
 I've never reacted to a dream this way. It was like i coudnt seem to seperate dream from reality. 

I never thought i would see the day that i would get so worked up by a scary dream, But like i said, it truly felt so real & i couldn't help but psych myself out.... all...night.
Becoming a parent has put me in a completely diferent mindset. Its almost like im in "defensive mama mode" constantly, always looking out for danger, ready to protect my baby & this mindset seems to have taken over my dreamworld. 

I cant even begin to explain what a good happy feeling it was to get up this morning, knowing that the night was over. & that our little girl was safe in our arms. But now i'm scared to go back to sleep..

Has this ever happened to anyone else? Is this a NORMAL first time parent thing? or am i just a total spaz..?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

{Marriage: Year 3}

This post of pictures is a lot longer than the other 2. Thats because this last year was so busy for us!! We did quite a bit. Believe it or not, i have so many more pictures i would love to put up.. but it would be the longest post ever made if i did :) oh & they arent really in order eather.. when i uploaded them blogger mixed them all up! *sigh* oh well. 
I love you william. I cant wait to see what the NEXT 3 years will be like :)