Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{g's skin}

Those of you that know us personally know of our never ending struggle with G's skin.
But for those of you that dont know, since G was born, she has had severe skin issues. 
Especially on her sweet little face
She has always been a Rosy cheek little girl :)
We thought at first it was just baby acne.
But the last few months, her skin has gotten way worse..
Believe it or not, these pics were taken on a "good" skin day.
On a bad day, her whole face is like a giant, sad, puss filled scab.
It just breaks my heart....

Her pediatrician has told us he thinks its severe eczema.. but i dont know.
We've tried everything to clear it up & make her more comfortable.
We've done everything the Dr. has told us to do, & no luck.
Weve tried every cream & lotion, again, no luck. 

Food allergies have always been in the forefront of my mind as a possibility.
I have personally dealt with severe food allergies my whole life.

 Because of this, i am strictly nursing for a little longer.
We want to get her skin cleared up a little more before we try adding solids to her diet again

Early on, i noticed that when I ate eggs or dairy products, she was not a happy camper through out the day..& especially at night.
So for months, i have been egg & dairy free. 

After observing her & documenting what i ate & how she acted the days following,  I figured out that when i eat oats, wheat/gluten... her face gets worse.
so.. i thought i would try cutting those items out of my diet for a while to see what happens

For the past week, i have been:
egg, dairy, oat, wheat/gluten free 
& her face seems to be clearing up!
I cant believe it!

Ive never heard of this before..
A baby that is only breastfed having so many allergies. 
I didnt even know that it was possible for all of that to travel through your milk. 

We have an appointment in June with a specialist, so were hoping he can give us more answers. 
& maybe do an allergy test.
We are just happy to see her face clearing up.
She seems so much happier & not so uncomfortable
She is such a sweet little girl! 
Has anyone else noticed food allergies { through breastmilk} in their children ?


This past weekend we went up to pinetop to get a tiny little vacation.
It was so nice to get away.
we go to relax for the first time in a loong time..
{William got to read golf digest..}
{I got to read to funnies & do a crossword puzzle..}
{G played with her toys..}
{We went thrifting & found some Neat-o books..}
This was our first trip with G. She did really well, i was very surprised!
Not too much fussing in the car, & she slept very well at night & during naps. 
It was a nice little get away.

Did anyone else do anything over the holiday?

Saturday, May 19, 2012


A couple of days ago, we were featured on a site called
I love this site. Its full of neat stuff!! So when they decided to feature us, i was super excited :)
They featured us for the art piece i made for Giulianas room. Remember it?

Check it out! 
Have a great weekend!  :) 

Friday, May 18, 2012

{Williams graduation party}

{Our friend Julie Graduated with willy! Congrats Julie!}
Congratulations William :) 
 i am so very proud of you.
You are a wonderful husband,  daddy, & friend.
I love you so much!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{& we're back}

So i have been TOTALLY MIA the last couple of weeks. 
We've had so much going on though, so it was kind of hard to find time to write up a blog post! 
Here are the last couple of weeks in pictures..
{I started running again.. oh how i missed it}
{I made my first batch of baby food}
{G had her first bite}
{My sisters soccer team won the championship game!}
{My mom & sis}
{WIlliams cousins Jacob & April. Me & my sis}
{G & grampy watching the soccer game}
{Smiley G with her daddy}
{Lots of pool days}
{Working on Decorations for Williams Grad party!!!}
{did a couple of sewing projects}
{We went to Aunt Julies Grad party!}
William Graduated College this last week with a bachelors degree in Business administration and a minor in history. Wahoo! 
Im so excited! 
The whole time we have been married, he has been in school, so we dont know life without school.
This is going to be fun :)
Lots more free time! 
Im so proud of him! 
This week im working on his graduation party, sooo much to do! 
So i will try to do a couple of posts here & there, but, we shall see :)

Did anyone else just graduate from College/highschool??
Congrats to you! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

{mommy day}

Today is mothers day. 
It's so weird to be on the other end. 
Being the mom.
{Im the one in the front with the big pink hat & the baby doll}
My mom gave me a card, & inside she wrote, "It's you FIRST mothers day.. seems like just yesterday you were breastfeeding your dolls!" haha I was a weird kid. 
It seems like just yesterday to me too! I always wanted to be a mommy& now i am a mommy, & i have a real baby, not just a doll.  
Time flies!
I truly feel all grown up!
I love my little girl so much.
I cant wait to have her little friends over & have tea parties with them & dress up, just like my mama did with me. I have such sweet memories. 
I'm hoping i can give that to G too. 

Happy mothers day Mom & also to my sweet MIL! {Mother in law :)}
      Love you both!  Wouldn't trade you for the world :) & happy mothers day to everyone else!!