Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{& we're back}

So i have been TOTALLY MIA the last couple of weeks. 
We've had so much going on though, so it was kind of hard to find time to write up a blog post! 
Here are the last couple of weeks in pictures..
{I started running again.. oh how i missed it}
{I made my first batch of baby food}
{G had her first bite}
{My sisters soccer team won the championship game!}
{My mom & sis}
{WIlliams cousins Jacob & April. Me & my sis}
{G & grampy watching the soccer game}
{Smiley G with her daddy}
{Lots of pool days}
{Working on Decorations for Williams Grad party!!!}
{did a couple of sewing projects}
{We went to Aunt Julies Grad party!}
William Graduated College this last week with a bachelors degree in Business administration and a minor in history. Wahoo! 
Im so excited! 
The whole time we have been married, he has been in school, so we dont know life without school.
This is going to be fun :)
Lots more free time! 
Im so proud of him! 
This week im working on his graduation party, sooo much to do! 
So i will try to do a couple of posts here & there, but, we shall see :)

Did anyone else just graduate from College/highschool??
Congrats to you! 


  1. 1.) G is so so cute! I love the pic of her and her cute little diaper!

    2.) You look great having just had a baby! Any tips?!

    3.) My hubby graduated this past weekend as well! We have been married 5 years and he has been in school for 4. So I can totally relate. It feels great to have him back..haha. I know G is probably excited too :-)

    1. 1) thanks so much! We love her to death! & we looove her diapers too :)
      2) thanks you so much! honestly, I dont know what kind of advice to give... One big thing is i am nursing full time, its good for baby & mama. Ive tried to eat pretty healthy. I go out for a walk or jog EVERY DAY. That is all i have done really. I tried to do a sit up the other day... & it was super hard! I felt so silly! But i guess thats what happens when they cut through your abdominal muscles to get a baby out :)
      3)thats so great! Congrats to him! & to you! you get your hubby back :) no more homework! wahoo!

  2. You look flippin amazing for just having a baby! I did after my first one, but this second one, it's not coming off like the first time...What is your secret?

    1. Thank you :) you are too kind. I feel good! I feel healthy!
      Like i told the gal above you, i havent done anything crazy to lose weight, just eating healthy {as healthy as i can} , walking/ jogging, & nursing. I dont like to just sit around so im always doing something.

      Ive heard its harder to lose the weight after the 2nd kiddo, but i'm sure you can do it!!! you go girl!