Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{DIY Doily Lamp}

Yes we finally finished the doily lamp we have been working on for so long :) 
I can now cross that off of my List of projects to finish before baby.

#27 Make a Doily lamp

Here is our own tutorial {with some pictures} on how to make your very own Doily lamp:

You will need Lots of doilies, a paint brush, Wall paper glue & a large balloon
*We had a hard time finding these balloons. They are 36" balloons. 
*I found the doilies at Joannes craft store. It was the only place in town that had clothe doilies!
*I found the wallpaper glue at home depot in the paint section 

{Blow up the balloon to the size you are wanting your lamp to be }

{Hang your balloon from a sturdy surface}

{Paint each doily with lots of wallpaper glue. I really mean LOTS. You want them to be soaked!}
*if you are doing this inside, leave lots of doors & windows open, this project takes some time & the glue smell is awful & strong. 

{Cover your balloon in the glue soaked doilies.}
* Take your time
*This project takes LOTS of patience...Not gonna lie. 
The doilies kept sliding around & falling off... so frustrating. 
{After a few days of drying, Pop your balloon & hang your Doily lamp in the desired location!} 
*We bought a simple light kit from home depot & a large light bulb. 
*We used pink yarn to tie the doily lamp to the lamp kit since we put it in our baby girls room
*ignore the cluttered room, it is nowhere near finished :) 
{& there you go! Your own beautiful Doily lamp :) }

* You may have noticed that through our series of pics, the balloon color changed from yellow to red. The reason being, we didnt let the doilies dry long enough, & when we popped the balloon they all collapsed! Needless to say, we were frustrated. We just put a new balloon in the collapsed doily frame & blew it up & put a little extra glue. We let it sit a few more days. I would say, let your doily lamp sit to dry for at least 3 days, to make sure it is fully dry. & hopefully you wont face the issues we did.



  1. Super Cute! I love everything you made in your daughter's room! My son is 2 1/2 and my daughter is 8 months and I painted or made pretty much everything in their rooms so I know it's a lot of work! Great job to you! She's adorable by the way! ♥ Jill

  2. Soooo pretty! Thanks for having the patience to do it, then share it (yaaay!).

  3. I love this! Where did you get the balloons? I can't find them that big anywhere.

    1. Hello! I found them at party city :)

    2. our walmart has some,hobby lobby,micheals.

  4. I love this! How much are the light fixtures from the hardware stores?

    Also, please check out our blog! I love yours and it would be great to have your see ours!

    1. Ill definitely check out your blog!!
      The light fixture kit was at home depot for $15 :)

  5. did you put de vaséline before glue de fabric

  6. Instead of balloons you can try flatable beach balls. They are mostly round aswell and easier to find in the shops!

  7. What a creative thinking you have.

    Great work!