Tuesday, August 9, 2011

{20 weeks}

{20 weeks!}
{My belly is finally starting to grow!!} 
{& I love it.}

It is such an amazing thought to know that our sweet little munchkin is halfway through the growing process! In 20 more weeks, our sweet baby girl will be in our arms. Time has gone by way too fast! I have finally reached the point where i can feel the baby moving around in my belly.
I love feeling her move around, it tickles a lot, & reminds me that, YES there really IS a baby growing in MY body! I feel so blessed, happy & scared, all at the same time. 

I'm excited & ready to be a mommy. I really truly am. I have wanted to be a mommy ever since i was a little girl! I have always been a nurterer & caregiver. I was the little girl that always had a dollie in a stroller, everywhere i went. I even BREASTFED my dolls. No joke!! you can ask my mother! & now that being a mommy is my reality, it feels right. God is providing for us & filling the gaps that we felt would be empty, & giving us solutions to issues we have faced {money, space, time}.. It just feels right that we are going to be parents soon.  :) 

Well, back to my bowl of Captain Crunch berries! Happy Tuesday :) 


  1. oh man. captain crunch berries sound SO good all of a sudden!!!
    thanks, ash :P

  2. haha! oh mindy :) u r too funny. I have eaten captain crunch berries every single day i have been pregnant. Its the weirdest thing! i never ate it before!