Saturday, August 20, 2011

{Thursday: update on baby}

I don't really like to write about sad or scray things on here, but i know that you like to be updated as well.
Last week we took a trip to Colorado to visit my grandparents. While we were there i had a couple of moments where i had extremely sharp pains in my lower abdomen, right in the pelvic region on the left side. They were so bad that i had to bend over and put my hands on my knees in order to breathe. We didn't really think much of it though. 
Then this last thursday, I was getting ready for work & those awful pains came back, 10 fold!  I could barely stand up. I was crying like crazy & didnt really know what to do. William was very worried. I still went into work & tried to start my shift like i normally would, but it was impossible to hide what i was feeling. My boss sent me home & told me to go to urgent care immediately. William was in the middle of a class & was not able to leave so i called my mama & she went with me. Urgent care turned me away & told me to go to the Emergency room.. this really scared me. I have never prayed so much in my life as we rushed to the emergency room. I was even more scared when i had to tell the lady at the front desk what was going on, that i needed help, & i that didnt have maternal insurance. {we're still trying to find some sort of insurance} She could tell i was panicked, & was very kind & they immediately put me in a wheel chair & took me up to the OB section of the hospital. They hooked me up to a fetal monitoring machine, that would check the babies heart rate & a few other things. I cried & cried because i didnt know what to think or what was going on.. 

long story short, we found out that i had somehow torn the round ligament on my left side. This round ligament is what holds your uterus in place during pregnancy. We also found out that the pains i was having were Contractions, very early contractions. & the reason i was feeling them so intensely was because of that torn ligament! They are kind of worried about the fact that i am already having contractions big enough to be sensed on a fetal monitoring system.. but they told me i will b ok & i just need to be careful not to injure the ligament any further.. It was a relief to hear that, for the most part, everything was ok. I had the scariest thoughts running through my head! But our sweet little girl is going to be ok. our prayers were answered & our Amazing God helped me find comfort in a time of panic. When we were leaving the hospital I asked the nurse how much we owed them since we dont have insurance, & she just smiled & said "you owe nothing, we're just glad to see that you & your baby are ok"  I started to cry again.. what a blessing.

Please continue to keep our little family in your prayers. I'm hoping we don't have any more scary situations like this any time soon. but if we do, I know that our God is a mighty God, & with his help, we will always get through even the scariest & most difficult situations.

"For I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength.." Phillipians 4:13


  1. Ashley, reading this brought tears to my eyes...your sweet little family is in my prayers and im so thankful for God's provision. He is just so faithful to takecare of His kids. Im so thankful everything is okay...
    ~amy willems

  2. ASHLEY! you had me holding my breath the whole time i read that! its crazy to me how god uses all of those scary/exciting times just in the nine months BEFORE baby to prepare you to be better parents. so glad your little girl is doing okay & shes healthy!!!

  3. Ashley I'm so happy to hear everything is ok with your little angel... Gosh... that was the scariest blog Ive ever read! Stay strong and I hope to see you soon!!