Friday, August 26, 2011

{Projects to finish before baby}

So some of you may already know this about me, but i am a compulsive list maker. I have a strange addiction to making lists. I make LOTS of list, constanlty, for everything. I make list on napkins, on receipt paper, in notebooks, Anywhere! The reason being, i dont want to forget to do something! Making a list makes me feel confident that i wont forget to do a certain thing or get a certain thing. William thinks its funny & gives me a hard time when i come home from work & pull out like 5 different pieces of receipt paper, with different lists on them, of things i would like to get done.

anyways, william & i started one big check list the other day. This checklist is the ultimate list; A list of projects that need to be done before the baby gets here in December.

So far our list is pretty long. {sorry it's kind of messy}  Some of the items are baby related, & some of them are just projects we would like to have done around the house  before baby gets here, while we have time! I'm sure our list will get longer as we think of things we need to do.. & I will be very surprised if we actually finish all of these things too :) We will keep you updated as we slowely cross off items on our list/ add new items.

#1 Paint stairwell & hallway
#2 a rug for living room
#3 lamp over dining room table
#7 knobs for babies dresser
#10 burlap lamp shade
#14 pillows for couch
#20 crochet a baby blanket

 Is anyone else a compulsive list maker?

Happy friday friends :) 


  1. 25. Pat yourself on the back for using a graph lined moleskin notebook. Those were my favorites all through design school.

  2. this is hilarious.
    about half of your list is identical to mine :)
    i have them EVERYWHERE.
    i was actually telling daniel about 30 minutes ago that something fun to do would be make another list. ha. hes not so big of a fan :P

  3. Nick: they are my favorite! I have awful handwriting & i feel like the graph lined paper makes it look nicer haha & i just love moleskin notebooks in general!

  4. Mindy: You & i are just too much alike!! It cracks me up! willy thinks im crazy with all of the lists i make haha

  5. #10 burlap lamp shade... Ok how did I miss this one... No awesome crafty write up about this one? Would LOVE to see or read how you did this for sure!! Your so darn crafty!!