Thursday, August 4, 2011

{DIY jewelry holder}

So i keep seeing all of these cute ideas for jewelry holders all over the place! In case you don't know what im talking about, here is an example:

I finally decided to make my own the other day. I went to Joannes & checked the leftover remnant bin & found A roll of Burlap for 99cents! I also bought a pack of 4 little nail in hooks for $2. We had a cute looking picture frame already at our house that we werent using for anything too. Here is a tutorial for MY VERSION of a jewelry holder :)  Its crazy easy! 

{You will need, Burlap, a hot glue gun, a picture frame with the glass REMOVED, & little hooks}

{Cut your burlap to the size & shape of the back of the frame. Put a layer of hot glue on the edges of the back of the frame, and pull the burlap tightly, pressing all the edges onto the glue}

{From here, trim the burlap so that the leftover remnants are not noticable from the front. I don't have a picture for this part, but take your hooks & hammer them into your frame, wherever you are wanting your necklaces to hang from (I used 4 hooks and hammered them into the bottom portion of the frame)}

{Hang it on the wall, hang your jewelry, & thats it! Serisouly! It takes like 10 minutes to make something so cool & pretty}

{& It looks great in our room too :) } 

Have fun making this cute little Jewelry holder! I'm onto my next project :) 
Happy Thursday! 

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  1. Ashley... This is an awesome idea! I love it! Thanks for sharing! - Elizabeth