Thursday, August 25, 2011

{DIY Pretty burpcloths}

{DIY Burp cloths}

Hello friends! As promised, here is our tutorial on how to make homemade burp cloths. 

You will need:
A sewing machine
Fun & pretty fabric
Clothe diapers

For the Cloth diapers, i bought a pack of the Gerber "flat fold"cloth diapers. They came in a pack of 10 for $10. {@ Target}>>
Step 1: Wash your cloth diapers & your fabric. It is important that all fabrics used are preshurnk before sewing. This way, when it is time to truly wash them, they dont shrink to silly sizes :) 

Step 2: Iron your fabric & Cloth diapers so that they are easier to handle while sewing >>>
 Step 3: Fold a cloth diaper in half, & pin all edges. { I folded them in half so they would be a little thicker}
 Step 4: Using your sewing machine, Sew all edges of cloth diaper.
Step 5: Cut your pretty fabric to the size you want. Fold the edges of the fabric under, evenly, as you lay it on top of the already sewn cloth diaper. {If you have a hemming tool, this will b much easier}Pin all edges of your fabric to the cloth diaper, the fold on the bottom.
Step 6: Sew the edges of your fabric onto the clothe diaper.... & Voila! You have yourself a pretty burpcloth :) 

{You can also sew ribbon onto the clothe diaper, instead of the fabric if you want}
{Or you can make ruffles from fabric & lace & sew them onto the clothe diaper}
{I like the ruffle one the best  :) its so cute & girly!}
There you have it folks! DIY pretty & unique burpclothes! 
{Original tutorial found here}
I have only made three so far. I plan on making LOTS more within the next couple of weeks :) 

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