Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{A visit to Colorado}

Hello Friends! Again, i have been neglecting my blog, but again, i have good reason :) {I always do} 
William & i took a trip out to Bayfield Colorado to visit my grandparents. They live near Lake Vallecito. It is so beautiful up there! I grew up going to visit my grandparents every summer my whole life! We are very very close. So it is always so nice to go visit them again, its almost like going home :) Here are a couple of pics from our short trip:

 {My Grandparents! Can u tell were related? :) } 
{We played lots of poker}

{My Grandparents little church. They have been going here for as long as i can remember!}

{At the Schank house in town}

{Uncle Butch, Grandma, Grandpa, William, & Me!}

It is nice to be back home, although we really do miss my Grandparents.... & the mountain air, & the cool weather, & the relaxed life style :) Now it's back to the grind for us!! 

Happy Wednesday! 

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