Wednesday, August 3, 2011

{Homemade Diaper wipes?? }

Hello friends! So, I have really been in baby mode the last few weeks. Now that I can actually feel our munchkin moving around in there & we know that its a GIRL {Yay!} , Its actually starting to feel real! I am realizing just how much we still have to do!
 William & i have been talking a lot about different things we are wanting to try with our baby. We know FOR SURE that we are clothe diapering. We have already started purchasing our Fuzzibunz diapers! {Click here to read our last post on cloth diapering}The other thing we have been talking about recently is Diaper wipes. I know. A weird "specific" thing to talk about. But i grew up constantly having issues with my skin & im hoping our kids wont, but just in case, we still want to be prepared!! We found a tutorial HERE on how to make homemade wipies! sounds kinda cool! But still kinda yucky.. The way i think of it though, is ill be washing out the diapers anyways, so... the wipies will be just as easy! But i still just dont know what i want to do. its hard to make a commitment to something like that! 

I kind of want to atleast give it a try, & maybe just have regular wipies on hand if it gets to be too much. I dont know. 
What do you think?? 


  1. Ashley & Willy,
    I think thats a GREAT IDEA! Since you will be doing the cloth diapers go that one extra step to help insure your baby girls bum is all natural! ;-) Does the fuzzibunz have a "size button" for newborns to bring the diaper down in the front as not to disturb the belly button/cord?
    Congrats once again... I love how you two are going the extra mile for your soon to be little one!!

  2. homemade wipes are great. i even cut up some of nick's old tees and they work well.

    my opinion? if you're cloth diapering, it just makes sense to use cloth wipes. then you can just wrap them up in the diaper, and it's all together when it's time to wash, instead of having to dispose of regular wipes and keep the diaper. of course, it's always good to have regular ones on hand, just in case. go for it! lovelovelove you guys [& your little GIRL!].

  3. I think this is a great idea, if you can tolerate doing it for so long! My baby had very sensitive skin, so even the "sensitive" wipies would give her horrible rashes. Eventually I just started using her baby washcloths or wet paper towels and they worked like a charm. Good luck!

  4. Alicia: Thanks! I was the same way! I have always had very sensitive skin & everything gives me a rash.. still. So we thought we would play it safe for our little girl since, well, she is my blood! :)