Tuesday, August 2, 2011

{Gender Reveal party!!!}

Hello friends! William & i went to our 18 1/2 week ultrasound last thursday. This was our long appointment where they check the heart, kidneys, brain, everything! Our sweet little baby seems to be doing very well & growing right on time! We feel very blessed & thankful. At this appointment we also had the oppurtunity to find out the sex of our little munchkin. What we ended up doing was closing our eyes when it came to that point of the ultrasound. We had the tech write the results down on a piece of paper, not telling us what the results were, & she put it in an envelope & sealed it! We left the appointment so anxious to know what was in the little envelope! The next morning, i gave the envelope to our dear friend & coworker, Adrienne. From there, she took the envelope & made us a cake according to what the little note in the envelope said! We then had a party yesterday, Monday, where we found out the gender of our sweet little baby with all of our friends & family! The answer was in the cake! Check it out! Here are lots of pics from the party :) 

{The invitation we sent out}
{Me & my cute little mama}
{The cake! So cute, right?}
{Our stroller!! The first baby thing we have bought!}
{My cravings were the snacks for the party :) We had Watermelon, oranges, Gummi worms, Cap n Crunch, pickles & chips & dip!} 
{My friend Julie read through the Old wives tales..}
{Some of them were serious..}
{Some were pretty funny!}
{We kept a tally of the votes & the results of the old wives tales. According to the oldwives tales, we should be having a boy! but we will see...} 
{Team Blue! & the drawings they made of what they think our kid will look like haha}
{Team pink! & the drawings they made of what they think our kid will look like haha}
{We cut the cake &....}
{It's a a GIRL!!!!!}
{Me & my Best friend Julie :) Go team pink!}
{William & Jeremy. Team pink again! Our friends know us too well :)  }

So, the old wives tales were WRONG. But, the chinese gender chart was RIGHT! We had such a fun time throwing the party! So many people showed up to support us. We are so thankful for all of our family & friends. :) 

*A very special thanks to my dear friend Andrea Alley from Lime Flower Studios. She took all of these wonderful photos!!! She is such a talented individual & has been such a blessing as a friend. Thanks :) Be sure to check out her website!! 


  1. Ashley & Willy,
    That looks like it was one fun filled gender party... Will have to remember this idea!! ;-) Amazing Pictures, Amazing Cake... Totally you guys!! Congrats once again on the news, IT's A GIRL!!!!!! YAY!

  2. Love your diaper bag. Where did you get it?

  3. What kind of stroller is that? I love it! Would you still recommend it after using it now?

    1. hello! its an uppababy vista. We LOVE this stroller. We use it with BOTH kids every single day. its amazing :)