Saturday, August 27, 2011


Today i was going through some old pics that we found after we cleaned out our storage room & i happened to find this pic from when i was little:
There i am right in front with the bright pink hat, the big smile, the pearls, & holding a baby doll :) This picture was taken at a tea party my mom {in the pic} hosted in 1996. Isn't it cute? 

I always took that baby doll everywhere. I even had a little stroller i pushed it around in. My grandma was always making little outfits for me to dress it in & i thought it was the coolest thing ever!  I loved that doll more than anything! My mom always jokes with me & tells everyone how i used to pretend to "breastfeed" that doll. How weird right?  Its so funny to look back & see how even then, i wanted to be a mommy. 

I'm ready to be a mommy. I'm absolutely terrified, but i'm ready & always have been. I do have my days where i break down & cry, because im scared, but at the same time it feels right.

William & i have a wonderful journey ahead of us :) 

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