Friday, August 5, 2011

{DIY painted vases}

William & I are always looking for any way to keep from spending a large amount of money when we throw special events. Last week we had our gender reveal party. So fun!!! About 55 of our family members & closest friends showed up. Needless to say our little home was bursting at the seems! But anyways, when it came to decor for this event, we tried to be creative & CHEAP. I took a trip to Goodwill . I Love Goodwill, serisouly, I really do! I can always find something there to work on. This trip, i found some clear, plain vases for 69cents each {Great deal}

I took them home & gathered up some of our left over accrylic paint from past painting projects. I turned those plain clear vases into adorable milk glass vases :) Check it out:

{Pour a small amount of accrylic paint into the bottom of your vase. Roll the vase around, as to coat the entire inside evenly with paint.}
{Hold the vase upside down & let to paint drip out onto a paper towel or napkin. Dont let it drip too long or the paint inside will get really thin.}
{Let your vases sit & dry..}
{Fill the DRY vases with pretty flowers..} 
{& there you go! Pretty & cheap decor :)}

Very soon i will post about how we made that cute little chalk board in the picture above ^ using a $2 picture frame :) 

Happy Friday!! 

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  1. I love the look of the inside painted vases but finding the paint peels away with acrylic paints when water is added. What kind of paint did you use?