Monday, August 8, 2011

{The beach!}

We only have a short time left for summer! I am hoping we can make it to the beach at least one more time this year.. I have seriously been thinking about it a lot. Here we are, last summer on the beach!
{Well, on the pier, on the beach :) }

It is so crazy to think that next year, when we go on vacation, we will have a sweet little girl with us!! I am very excited!! Our little girl can wear a cute swim suit & hat {& lots of sunscreen of course} I am excited about all of it! 

Do you have an more trips or little getaways planned for this summer? 

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  1. Dan and I are taking some time off from the markets next week and headed up to a yearly wheeling trip with some of our friends in Sedona.... Cant believe summer is almost over... but so happy for cooler weather!