Saturday, January 28, 2012

{DIY Heat/cold pack}

This is a "craft" {I guess you could call it that} that i have done for many years. We always had these in our house when i was younger. Its a pretty easy project! & ours are starting to get old>>
& the colors aren't all that fun. Sooo its time to make new ones! yay! 

{DIY Hot/Cold Packs}
You will need:
Sewing machine
Lavender or tea leaves
{Rice has a really.. rice smell.. when heated in the microwave, the tea or lavender cover up the smell}
Pick out some fun fabric. Cut 2 pieces to the same size. I cut mine 16x8
Turn the matching pieces so that the colorful side is facing in. Pin the edges together. 
Sew the edges with your machine.
When you sew the edges, make sure to leave a gap unsewn {Shown above}
turn your fabric right side out now, through the gap. 
Draw lines on your sewn fabric to section it off. 
Using your machine, sew where you drew each line, making sure to leave a gap at the end of each line, so that when you pour in the rice, it goes into each sectioned off piece. 
Prepare your rice& tea bags, {or lavender}.
Pour your rice into the sewn fabric, pushing it down into each section as you pour. 
& You're done!! 
For a heat pack: place in microwave for up to 2 minutes 
For a cold pack: Leave it in your freezer
They make great gifts too!
See? Easy peasy :) 

 In other news.. 
 I have a Cute & Happy baby today! 
Happy Saturday! 


  1. What a great idea! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is a great idea! One question, how do you prepare the rice and tea bags/lavender? Do you open up the tea bags? Thanks!!

  3. Open up the tea bags and mix it with the rice. Sorry I should have made that more clear!

  4. Thanks Ashley! I'm excited to try these!

  5. Hey Ashley...I love reading your blog and keeping up with your family. We have started making our own laundry detergent at the Ranch and I just started using your Salt Spray and love it. I am still waiting to have a chance to make some granola...I just buy it now, but would love to make a good healthy version. Thanks!

  6. Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing. I love the fabric too. Your baby is sooooo beautiful.