Friday, January 13, 2012

{Update on G}

Yesterday {Thursday} we went to Phoenix Childrens hospital to meet with a Neurosurgeon to discuss the x-rays taken of Giulianas head last week

Before meeting with the Neuro surgeon, we had to meet with the Nurse practitioner. She felt G's head and did some measurements, & from there began to discuss with us the different surgery options to correct Saggital Cranial stenosis. When she left the room, we felt really down... we had been hoping for good news.

After we met with the Nurse practitioner, we then met with the Neurosurgeon. He too felt G's little head but for a longer period of time. He poked and pushed on the different plates in her head.  Poor little G was crying hysterically! she was so upset. It was so hard to watch. He took measurements as well. After he finished his examination, he looked at us  & said "I truly dont think she has cranial stenosis". We were shocked! What a breath of fresh air!

But now we are very confused! The nurse practitioner had told us otherwise.
&  since there were 2 conflicting opinions about the diagnosis, we will go back in 4 weeks again to meet with the neurosurgeon & see how Gs head has grown in that time.

 SO we will continue to play the waiting game until then..
In other news, G Loooves this boba wrap. Seriously the best purchase we have made. It keeps her calm & close to mommy :) I love that. I was really nervous about trying it, but im so glad i did. If you dont have one, GET ONE! 
She is getting so big already! She will be one month on monday. Can you believe it? Sooo crazy! 
Will continue to post updates on G as we find things out. 

Well happy friday :) 


  1. no offense to nurse practitioners, but if it comes down to them or a neurosurgeon, i'd trust the neurosurgeon.

  2. very glad to hear that! i knew God had the last word!
    The doctor is right! she will not need the surgery!! congrats

  3. Hi, I only have been following you a short while, maybe a couple weeks. I don't remember how I found your blog:) So anyways I have been thinking about your family a lot and your little girl and hoping everything turned out ok, and I just had a feeling when I first started to read this post that you were going to have some good news:) I agree, trust the neurosurgeon! I am so very happy that you got some good news and hope that everything goes well for the next visit..You guys are so strong! I have a 12 week old son and my girlfriend had her baby the day that G was born!
    Congrats on her arrival and on the good news!
    And I have a moby wrap and used it for my 1st son and for this little guy now, I love them!

  4. I had no idea that you guys live in Phoenix! So do I. Best wishes for G! I hope that the neurosurgeon is right.