Monday, January 23, 2012

{Cloth diaper or not?}

Many of you have been emailing my personal email lately asking me about how cloth diapering is going & asking for advice. {I love hearing from you guys :) } 
Truth be told, we haven't been able to cloth diaper our little girl for a couple of reasons.
She is still pretty darn tiny. We are still using the Newborn size pampers on her and i think she will be in that size for a little while longer.
Also, her little hips are so narrow, and her legs are so straight {because she was breech} its almost impossible to get even the disposable diaper on her! Everything is so clunky. We tried using our fuzzibunz diapers on her, and quickly realized that brand is just not for her! 
*Advice: wait to purchase your cloth diapers until you actually meet your little one. Every baby is different! 
Sooooo, we are going to resell our Fuzzibunz to try & get some of the money back so we can invest into something else
{If you are interested let me know! seriously! I have all of my receipts and extra elastics and liners & everything. All Unused email me!}
We have been doing our research & have decided to test out G diapers, for our little G :) 
Have you heard of them? They're pretty neat. They are a "Hybrid" cloth diaper. Meaning they can be fully cloth, or partial... meaning you can have throw away inserts or cloth.... Does that make any sense? 
Here is a link to their site, they explain it a little better than i do :) 
This is a G diaper. 
They are more narrow then most cloth diapers so were hoping they will fit our little one.
We ordered one to try out a couple of days ago, once we try it out we will let you know what we thought!
If they do work out, we will be using cloth inserts at home & throw away ones on the go! The diaper cover will still need to be washed, of course. 

Well, G turned 5 weeks today, so crazy. She is getting so big! She sleeps so well at night {Only wakes up twice!} she has been wonderful. William and i are really enjoying being parents :) 
& we discovered that she really enjoys taking baths :) 
What a cutie! 


  1. Hey congrats on your new little one! :) I've been following your blog since before Christmas, you have great ideas. I used gdiapers with my twin girls, but didn't use them as much as I had hoped (too much other stuff going on) girls are now potty training and I've been trying to sell the gdiaper covers (little gpants). Obviously, they are used, but in near-perfect condition, and I'd sell them for less than you'll buy new ones. I only have orange and vanilla (cream) colors. Let me know if you're interested! Email me at simonandrachel06 (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

  2. she's GORGEOUS Ashley!! :) My bother and SIL are doing cloth diapering and they love it!

  3. Happy 5 Weeks Old Little Miss G!
    So bummed out that the Cloth Diapers aren't working out for Miss G, Hopefully the new ones will! I'll keep my ears tuned for people looking to purchase Clothe Diapers!
    SO happy to hear she's sleeping well at night! SO happy that everything is going smooth... Cant wait to get together & hang out soon!

  4. we used g diapers with c when he was first born (because, he was born into a size 1 diaper, so they fit. haha). we loved the concept behind them, and really liked them. except, he apparently lived to eat & pee, so he leaked through a lot, and the cover would get damp pretty quickly.

    so, when we do it again, i'm going to get some pre-folds to add an extra layer of absorbency. and, they're cheaper than the inserts. so, if g is anything like her cousin, try it! :)

    oh, and give that sweet little girl a kiss for me. <3

  5. G is so adorable! When I was checking out the Boba carrier the other day after your post on it, I read something about elimination communication (EC), otherwise known as infant potty training. The concept is kind of far out there in modern America, but it might be worth looking into! Here's a good resource I found:

  6. I have a little 3 month old baby girl. We are cloth diapering and have had a lot of luck with the XS Fuzzibunz. I have a pile of the One-Size FuzziBunz and know exactly what you mean about them being too big. Our little one was in NB disposables til she was 2 months. Once I discovered their XS version, I was hooked though. Wish I had an unlimited supply of them. Hope that helps :)

  7. My little girl was born 3 1/2 weeks early so she was pretty tiny also. I was bummed that the little gpants didn't fit her until about 4 or 5 weeks. I didn't know then, but they do make them in newborn sizes. Maybe those will fit. I've also seen a few other brands that make premie and newborn sizes. I found a store in my area that sold all of the cloth diapers and accessories. Everything made more sense in person with someone there to explain it all. My daughter is 10 months old now and I'm so glad I stuck with using cloth diapers. The g diapers are still the most mess free ( because of the extra plastic snap in that usually hold all the mess in) but I've found that you can mix and match other brands inserts and covers and still be successful. Happy diapering!

    P.s. Your little girl is adorable! Congrats!