Wednesday, February 1, 2012

{Our sponsor: Lulu Wrap}

**** update 2/1/13****
Lulu wrap is no longer Lulu wrap
Elle rowley, founder of the lulu wrap, has expanded her company! yay!!
They changed the name of the wrap to :
The wrap, by solly baby
You can find & purchase your wrap HERE on their new website :)
They offer lots more fun colors, & they are even better than before!
I just ordered on of her new ones, & its amazing :)

So those of you that know us personally, know that William & I are big baby wearing advocates. I am frequently seen walking around wearing our little one.
I know a lot of people think that if you hold your little one too much, they can get spoiled, but we do not believe this. We believe that holding/wearing your little one is very beneficial for both the baby & the wearer! 
I have talked in the past about my Boba wrap & how much I like it. 
After purchasing my Boba wrap, i then got a Lulu Wrap from the Ellemnop shop.
After receiving this wrap, I realized that i like it just as much as my Boba,... maybe even a little better
I like the different texture of the fabric, I feel that it is more secure, I love the color options,  & I really like the fact that its from a small business. 
I wear it literally every day when im at home, when im out walking, when i run my errands, etc. 
It makes it possible to actually get stuff done because i have a happy baby & both hands free! 
{I still use my Boba wrap as well, but it is nice to have both!}
{Hands free & a happy baby!! yay!} 
So.. you may have noticed that on the right side of our blog, we have Lulu wrap by Ellemnopshop listed as one of our sponsors. 
Elle, the owner of the shop, is super sweet & is a strong believer in baby wearing, just like us! 
 i am super excited to be working with her.   
Go check out her shop!! She makes & sells these wraps in lots of fun colors :) 
& as followers of our blog, when you purchase a wrap from her site, if you enter 
ASHLEY15  in the discount code section at checkout, you will receive 15% off your order! Neat huh?
Lulu wraps make great gifts. or.. you can just get one for yourself ;) 
Happy wednesday! 


  1. My little boy is 5 weeks old. I almost bought a carrier yesterday but decided not to. I need to check this out!

    1. our little one is 6 weeks old & absolutely loves it. We started using it at like 4 weeks. It is her favorite thing! Especially when she is fussy, we just strap her to mama with the wrap, & she calms down almost instantly!

  2. Ashley, you and your little girl look DARLING in the wrap! Thanks for the post!! xox