Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{G's little g diapers}

So you know how a while back i mentioned that we were going to try out g diapers??
Well, We tried them
& Love them.
love Love LOVE them! 
& G loves them too :) 
Using them has already saved us money the past couple of weeks & G is a lot more comfortable. 
& not to mention, so darn CUTE! I love that the bottom of the diapers have a little "g" on them. It makes me feel like we have specially made, monogrammed diapers for our little G.. even though.. thats just how they come! I like to think were special :)

To start our little g diapering experience for OUR little G, This is what we got:
{1 (6) pack of "everyday g diapers"}

{1 (6) pack of snap in plastic liners}
{3 (6) packs of cloth inserts}

Thus far, these quantities have been perfect for us.
We use 1 cloth insert during the day & 2 inserts at night since G has starting sleeping for longer periods, just to be safe. We have figured out the whole g diaper system , & have not had a leak in a while now. 
For cleaning, I use my diaper sprayer to clean the poo of the poopy ones, then I just throw all the dirty liners & inserts in the wash at night after i put G to bed. Its really easy! 
Happy baby :)
She looks more & more like her daddy everyday! Atleast I think she does. 
Even though she is going bald, poor thing. 
We love her so much! 
She is 7 weeks this week. Time goes by so fast! 


  1. she is so darn cute!! :] love the g diapers

  2. She is too adorable for words!!! And thank you so much for reviewing the G diapers, we are interested in trying cloth diapering and are trying to decide which ones will be right for us. They do look so stinkin' cute on Giuliana, too!!!

  3. Thank you for reviewing the G diapers. We're considering cloth and I am so overwhelmed with the endless number of choices. I also thought we'd be spending a fortune buying dozens of them. G is getting cuter and cuter every day!

  4. I tried cloth but that was a pain in the butt! My little boy was 6 weeks on Tuesday!

  5. I love cloth diapering my babies. Neither of my boys were newborns when I started, so I didn't know which kind to chose for a newborn when I have my next one. Thanks for reviewing these diapers. I was anxiously awaiting to see what you thought of them. I love my fuzzibuns, but I think I would like these for a newborn with them being more narrow. Love your happy little family. :)

  6. We are considering cloth diapers but we arent due until November so we have a little time. Everyone is telling me I won't want to wash them all that much but I think saving money is more important than doing an extra load of laundry at night. Where did you find these?

    1. Hi Adrienne!
      We LOVE our G diapers. They are super easy.
      We got ours on Amazon for pretty cheap. I think it was $168 for everything, and she is still in size small & she is 11 weeks old & 11.5 pounds & i think she will b in them for atleast another month. So they have lasted a good amount of time so far.

      Here are our Our cloth diapering basics:
      Everything listed above
      Kissaluvs antibacterial pail liner x2 {Just throw in the wash with your cloth diapers}
      Osocozy cloth wipes
      A wipie warmer {We fill our warmer with water, then dip the cloth wipe in it just before wiping}
      Kissaluvs antibacterial wet bag for on the go!
      Rocin Green Detergent {Cloth diaper safe} {We use this for ALL of our laundry}
      Diaper sprayer that attatches to the toilet {Bumgenius}

      Hope this helps!!
      Will be posting more about cloth diapering very soon :)

      .: ashley

  7. Wow! These posts have been super helpful! I love the posts you have done, and then the comment that Ashley left is fantastic! Products I had yet to hear of. I'm thankful.

    Quick question; if your daughter's hips weren't as slender, would you have liked your fuzzibunz diapers? I purchased some gdiapers, but I find it a hassle to have to purchase all the differnet sizes as your baby grows. I'm happy with what I have so I can at least try them, but I'm debating on if I should also get some one size fuzzibunz to use at the beginning (and maybe continue on if I end up liking them). What do you think? My girl will be here on October 29th. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello!
      Ourl ittle G is now 9 months old. Once she grew out of the size small G diapers {Which was at about 4/5 months?} , i went back to using our fuzzibunz.
      Just recently we went on a trip to alaska & i bought a couple size medium g diapers + the throw away inserts, so that i could still semi cloth diaper on our trip. once we got back from our trip i bought a couple more & the reusable inserts.
      So now we use both our G diapers & our fuzzibunz.

      I have to admit though, i like our G diapers a lot more than our fuzzibunz... keeping the fuzzibunz in good condition is a lot more difficult than the g diapers. plus, i noticed as G has gotten bigger & is eating more, She seems to leak through the fuzzibunz. We have yet to leak through a g diaper. I do continue to use both though.

      I would say maybe buy one or 2 of each cloth diaper you are interested in trying, & try them out with your little sweetie once she arrives & see which one you really like before buying a lot of them. I wish i had done that, rather than buying 25 fuzzibunz, & not being able to use them until she was 5 months old! Would have saved us lots of $$ :)
      Hope that was helpful!