Wednesday, August 24, 2011

{Begginnings of Clothe diapering}

Remember the promotion that Fuzzibunz is having that i told you about a little while ago?
Well, William & I took advantage of this promotion & ordered a set of 6 diapers of our color choice! They arrived in the mail yesterday! Aren't they cute? 
In order to get our 2 FREE diapers, I went to & printed out the rebate form. I then cut off all the original UPC's from each diaper package {The barcode on the back}. In an envelope, i put all the UPC's, the rebate form & a copy of our receipt & sent it to the address they listed. Within the next couple of weeks, we should have 2 more FREE Fuzzibnuz arriving! So easy & so worth it :) 

We purchased the "One size" Fuzzibunz. With the one size Fuzzibunz, your baby can wear them from the time they are a new born until they are potty trained! Saving you LOTS of money while keeping your little one comfy. In order for this to work, each Fuzzibunz diaper has a sizing system installed. On the legs & waist there are adjustable elastics. & the buttons on the front have a wide connection range. The next few days, we will be resizing the diapers we got to the "Newborn size" so that they are ready for when our peanut gets here!

Do you have any Cloth diapering tips?Or questions about what you have seen so far? 
Well friends, Happy Wednesday!! 


  1. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog and am so excited that you and your husband are going to try cloth on your new little bean! I know that when I began my adventure of cloth diapering, I was overwhelmed with all of the choices and the prices of ONE diaper! After more research, I found that you can MAKE your own cloth diapers, which is what I do now. You seem like a very crafty girl (like myself) and truth be told, sewing cloth diapers actually becomes very addicting! There are so many options and you can really make them so much cuter than the brand name ones! Also, you are able to use patterns that allow you to customize the fit of the diaper specifically for your child. I love a nice TRIM diaper, and that is hard to find with commercially made ones in my opinion. I am on the Design Team for a new line of products intended specifically for Mamas to make their own CDs. It is called Babyville Boutique. All of their supplies are available at most JoAnns Fabric stores and there is also a book that includes an excellent pattern (fits my baby very well and is trim)! Come check us out on Facebook:
    There are lots of other CD Mamas with lots of experience that are always more than willing to help! Good luck, and I hope you find cloth diapering your little one as fun and rewarding as I do! <3

  2. Ok, sorry I am bombarding your inbox with comments but I just found your blog and am reading through some of your older posts.
    We've been cloth diapering our daughter for about two months now as we started when she was two weeks old. We generally use and prefer prefolds and diaper covers (thirsties duo and flips) because it is so, so easy and incredibly cheap. We've never had a blow out and rarely does anything leak into the diaper covers themselves. We also have two fuzzybuns, which tend to cause leaks on our girl but I think that it is only because she has really skinny legs and we can't adjust them down far enough.
    I just got 20 bumgenius 4.0 with hook and loop closures to send with her to day care when she starts tomorrow. I've used them all week and they work super well, although stuffing them is kind of pain.
    We also use the planet diaper bags. Because she is exclusively breastfed her poopie diapers don't stink and so they just go straight in the wet bag until I wash them (every other day and line dry so the sun bleaches them white again).
    Phew, that was long. Sorry. I love talking about cloth diapering. It is crazy easy and so much better than disposable. Good luck and congratulations on your baby's soon arrival!

  3. Checkout you can buy a pattern to make your own.

  4. Thanks ladies for all of your wonderful advice & encouragement! We are really looking forward to cloth diapering :)