Saturday, August 10, 2013

{my pregnancy essentials}

I am 25 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Woohoo!
One week past the 6 month mark 
I've finally hit the point where my belly has DEFINITELY popped
all of my clothes are getting a bit uncomfortable
& sleeping is not the easiest
But in spite of the last two things, i am loving being pregnant again :)
 It is so fun having a little baby bump again

I thought i would do a list of my pregnancy essentials, this time around. 
With our first pregnancy, we tried all kinds of products & spent so much money on stuff I really didn't even need. This time around, I know what I do and don't need to spend the big bucks on.
 Hopefully this will be helpful for a new mommy out there :)
These are in no particular order, I just wrote them as i thought of them!

 A prenatal vitamin
a good prenatal can make all the difference in how you feel during your pregnancy. You want to make sure you choose a prenatal that is all vitamins, no fillers! Because, well, there's no point in taking vitamins with fillers. You aren't receiving as many benefits as you should from your vitamin! A good prenatal vitamin will help you feel less fatigued & a lot healthier :)
I like this prenatal
"Super nutrition Simply one Prenatal"
It is plant based & is filled with all the good stuff!
I get it at Sprouts

A cranberry supplement 
For me, this is huge. Cranberry can help prevent UTI's & when you are pregnant you are more prone to UTI's which makes you more prone to kidney infections. How do i know this? Well, when i was pregnant with giuliana, I had a UTI almost constantly & had to be on antibiotics quite a bit. It was awful. When i was 7 months pregnant, I got a kidney infection & had to be hospitalized. It was so painful!! & very scary So this time around, i am doing everything i can to prevent that from happening again. & so far, it has helped tremendously! I have not had a problem yet!

A probiotic
Probiotics have many benefits. They help regulate & balance your digestive tract. {Meaning no heartburn or constipation. YES!}  They also help prevent & treat UTI's! {again!} they can also help strengthen your immune system, which when you are pregnant, is very important.
When choosing a probiotic, make sure you choose one from the refrigerated section of your health food store. Probiotics are alive! They need to be refrigerated. If you see a cheaper one sitting on the regular shelf, avoid it! & go for the refrigerated one with the slightly higher price tag. You will benefit greatly from it! I like to use
"Garden of life Raw probiotics, vaginal care"
I purchase this Probiotic from sprouts

Ginger altoids
Seriously you guys, these kick nausea in the butt! & they are not bad for you, you just eat them like you would eat any mint. The first 4 months, i always had one in my mouth.

Quick healthy snacks that are readily available
I always keep fresh fruit around. My favorites to keep around are bananas and strawberries. I keep the bananas on the counter & I wash and cut the strawberries when i get home from the store. I keep them in a tupperware in the fridge. Easy access! I also like to keep baby carrots & celery sticks on hand. Also, Larabar nutrition bars are a favorite & they are a good quick snack.

A GOOD Pregnancy pillow 
When i was pregnant with giuliana, i bought a cheap pregnancy pillow fro mtarget that shall remain unnamed . It was horrible! I was so miserable my entire pregnancy. I could not get comfortable to save my life! Which made for a very long night & a very grumpy next day.. every day. I was not very pleasant to be around.. that's for sure.
This time, my husband & I agreed that it was important for me to have a pillow that actually helped!
We looked online, read many reviews, did lots of research & finally settled on this Pillow
the "Leachco back 'n belly contoured body pillow"
It's a little pricey, but it is seriously worth it. I have used it for about 4 months now & I have had a great nights sleep almost every night. Sooo different from last time. This pillow is seriously so comfy. I've caught my husband taking a nap all snuggled up in it before. {don't tell him!} Definitely worth the price.
I bought mine on Amazon

A Bella Band
You can find this at  target. its cheap. & it helps you stay in your regular pants/shorts a little longer!
Its just a stretchy band {Kind of reminds me of a tiny tube top?} that fits over your belly & the top of your pants.
Like i said, I am a little over 6 months pregnant & I can still wear my pre pregnancy pants/shorts.
Yes, they are unbuttoned and unzipped ALL THE WAY, but, with the bella band, i can still squeeze my big booty & belly into them ;)

Maxi skirts & maxi dresses
I wear my maxi dresses and maxi skirts a lot! They are the most comfortable Items to wear during pregnancy because they are flowey & loose. You do not have to buy "Maternity" dresses & skirts, because, like i said, they are flowey & loose! Just continue to wear your pre pregnancy maxi dresses & maxi skirts
{23 weeks}
{25 weeks}
Maxi dress & Maxi skirt both from Nordstrom
Tank top from target maternity "Liz Lange

Comfy undies
Ok time to get extra personal...
This is just now becoming important at the end of my second trimester. I recently got the next size up in undies so stye fit a bit more comfortably. No reason to feel uncomfortable "down there" any longer than you need to, right? The uncomfortableness after baby is enough.
Ok i am going to be honest with you guys for a minute..  When i was pregnant with Giuliana, i had one of those "Ugly pregnancy side effects".. one of the ones you NEVER hear about.
*Stop reading now if you ever want to loo at me the same ever EVER again*
 I got humongous vericose veins.. down there. I know TMI, but i really think that as a soon to be mommy, you need to read this!!! No one talks about this! No one told me this could happen, or how painful it would be, so i was not prepared AT ALL. I was absolutely miserable & everyone telling me they had never had it or had ever even heard about it happening, only made me feel worse! My Dr. told me some women get it, some women don't. It just depends on how you carry, & the position of your uterus. {I have a tilted uterus} The pressure of the baby, uterus, fluid etc can cause a lot of pressure. This time around, i am prepared with comfy supportive undies to prevent that dreadful thing from happening again.
ok, i'm done freaking you out.
Forget you read this.
Moving on.
I like to get the Gilligan and O'mally target undies. I think they're like 5 for $20?
This style is my favorite. They are the lace trim boy shorts. Seriously i have them in every color. The were my favorite even before i was pregnant. They're so comfy & fit so nicely! The soft lace hits just under the belly, & they're not tight fitting. They are a nylon & spandex blend. They also fit seemlessly under almost anything I wear. And they are super cute! No one wants to wear ugly undies! 

A moisturizing cream
It's important to keep your skin moisturized during pregnancy. Your skin changes when your pregnant. It's very strange. Also, moisturizing your skin daily {Especially your belly & thighs!} can help prevent stretch marks. I like to use the Coconut body cream from trader joes.
It is cheap {$5} & it smells so yummy! I look forward to putting it on a couple times a day.
If yo udont have a trader joes near by, you can purchase this body cream on Amazon as well, but it is more expensive.

or if you are in a DIY mood, you can make your own body butter following this recipe i posted a while back :)

A funny read
Pregnancy, in all its glory, can have some interesting ups & downs. Everyone only talks about the "pretty" parts of pregnancy. No one really talks about the REAL things that go on during pregnancy.
When i was pregnant with Giuliana, A friend gave us this book.
I seriously laughed my butt off! It is so raw & so true. I will say though, read  it at your own discretion,  It is very vivid & her sense of humor is not exactly.. tasteful i guess haha but it made me laug. She hits all the topics no one really talks about & makes them funny
If you're brave, & not offended easily, give it a read. It will definitely make you smile : )
On amazon

Easy makeup items
This may seem like a silly thing to list as an "essential", but when you're pregnant, you have days where you just feel crumby! As your body changes, it can get a little scary. You start to look in the mirror and barely recognize the person you see looking back. In my experience, my eyes get a bit puffy when I'm pregnant, & my face is a bit more round & i get pretty pale. I look fine, but in my mind, with my hormones raging, I look in the mirror & i feel like i look horrid! So, when you are having a day like this,  it's nice to put a little some thing on your face to make you feel a little bit like your old self.
Also, when you are already a mommy, and you're chasing around a little peanut, it is hard to find time to put makeup on or do your hair!  So a quick makeup routine can be a life saver & can keep you from looking as bad as you might feel.

A few of my favorite items are:
Bare minerals original foundation in Medium Beige
A quick brush & blend all over your face will do. when your pregnant, your skin is unpredictable. Some days i wake up with 4 or 5 random pimples, & other days i wake up with a dry face. So weird! But using a light weight foundation like this can help lightly even everything out.  I've been using bare minerals for a long time & I love it! If you've never tried it before, you should give it a try. I have really dry skin, so i have a hard time wearing cream foundation, it just peels right off my face & looks awful. Bareminerals has actually improved my skin. I definitely recommend it. 

NARS Bronzer & blush in Laguna
I use my bronzer to contour my face out. This helps thin it out a little on days when i feel a bit puffy.
You can find links about contouring on Pinterest.
I like to buy the NARS duo with Orgasm blush & the laguna bronzer. the blush is the perfect color! 
Every mama needs this duo

Bare minerals Well rested eye brightener
I love this stuff. I've tried both the powder version and the liquid version. I like them equally.
After i quickly contour my face out a bit with the bronzer, I contour a little with this. 
You can find links about contouring on Pinterest. 
Definitely focus on your under eyes. This will help take the puffiness down & will brighten even the darkest of under eye bags.

Urban decay Naked Palette 
I like to mix 3 of the lighter tan colors in this palette {sin, naked, & sidecar} & do a swipe over my lids, up into the crease. 
You don't have to buy this palette, seriously any nude/tan eyeshadow will do! I got this eye shadow palette for christmas last year & I have loved it :) It has lasted a long time too! 

L'oreal voluminous smoldering eyeliner in brown/brun
I like to use a brown eyeliner during the day. I feel with my light eyes, black can look too intense or fancy at times. So i try to save my favorite black liner for night time or special occasions. This liner is so easy to apply & it goes on so lightly, you dont feel like you're wearing a ton of makeup. I do the top outside corners of my eyes & a soft swoop on my lower tear line with this & thats enough to open up & define my eyes.
Can also be found at target, walmart, & most drug stores.

Benefit They're real Mascara
By far my favorite mascara. Just a couple of swoops & your lashes look amazing! 
It really helps your eyes look open & bright.

Smiths Minted Rose Lip balm 
I have used this lip balm for years. It is my absolute favorite! It smells so yummy & i like that it is very lightly tinted. Its very moisturizing, so you don't need much, & that small touch of color adds a lot to your tired mama lips. 

Using these 8 items, I look awake & have that pregnancy glow everyone is always talking about. 
{BTW have you seen the movie "What to expect when you're expecting? Hilarious! One of the Mamas on there talks about her lack of pregnancy glow. So funny! FYI its on Netflix right now. Watch it! It will make you smile!}
It looks like a lot of work, but seriously,  it takes about 5 or 6 minutes once you get into a routine, & i really feel its worth it, for me anyways. 
Anything to make your pregnant self feel better, right? 
& really you don't have to buy these EXACT make up items. That is not my point.  My point is that a couple of simple make up items, from the drug store or from a fancy makeup store, can help you feel a bit better, more like your self. 

All of the items listed in this post are the items that have helped ME have a happy & energetic pregnancy. My first Pregnancy was nothing like this! I was a grumpy, tired, grouch!
I really think that having items that really help you feel healthy, comfortable & good about your growing self  & your growing baby are very important.
I hope a soon to be mama out there finds this to be helpful!
Please comment with any questions :)
Happy Saturday!

{All images taken from}
{except for the 2 pics of me ;) } 


  1. What a fantastic post! We're not planning on having another munchkin for a little while (we're having too much fun playing with our current kiddo haha), but I will definitely be looking into all this when that time comes! Thanks for all the tips!

  2. I had horrible all day sickness for the first 18 weeks with my first and I don't want that to happen when we have #2. I think my prenatal didn't help this either. Does your prenatal and the ginger Altoids make a big difference?

    1. This prenatal helped me tremendously! Its not hard on your tummy & Its all vitamins, no fillers, so it gives you a ton of energy. & the ginger altoids really helped so much. i really recommend at least trying them out next time to see if they help you : )

    2. also, last pregnancy, i took a prenatal prescribed by my dr.. it made me so sick & made my stomach hurt so bad my entire pregnancy. It also made me horrible constipated. it was seriously horrible! This prenatal is a whole different story, i promise :)

    3. Awesome. Thanks for the recommendation!

    4. Thanks for posting this! Question: I normally use Raw Probiotics, but just the kind that says "for women" - it's not the vaginal care version. Would you specifically recommend that or do you think I can stick to the one I am already taking? Thanks!

  3. Thanks Love The Ginger AltoiDs Idea :)

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  5. This is such a great idea! I love all your suggestions! My name is Heather and I was hoping you could answer my quick question I have about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)

  6. Hi Ashley,
    Thank you for the honest advice. I had never really looked into my prenatal vitamin and once reading your post I started doing more research into it and realized not all prenatal vitamins are created equally. Since your post I've changed my prenatal and probiotic and am so excited, I've even changed the hubby's once a day to the men's simply one after reading about the absorption of a raw supplement compared to a supplement with fillers.
    Love and Best wishes!

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  8. HI Ashley,

    Thanks for all the ideas. Quick question abou the prenatals, did you look into the 5,000 IU of the Vitmain A (Palmitate) as being okay for the developing baby?


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  10. Thanks for the blog post buddy! Keep them coming...

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