Friday, August 2, 2013

{Sedona & 23 1/2 weeeks}

Every year, our family drives up to Sedona for a couple of days. 
Its a short drive, but it's a drastic change in scenery & temperature
We stay at a place called Garlands Lodge.
My husbands family has ben coming here for many many years! 
This was my 5th year going with the Johnstons
Boy does time fly! 
It is so fun to just get away sometimes. Especially to a place that is so beautiful!
William's brother James brought a couple of buddies this year & it was even more fun than usual! 
We didn't take very many pictures this year, we were just having to much fun enjoying each others company! These pictures are literally all that we took.
Giuliana playing board games with the boys 
{Uncle James, Brian, & Sam}
Miss G walking with her daddy
Walking with mommy
hiking through the blackberyy bushes
{Brian, James, sam, William & G}
We always take a drive up to flagstaff on our last day in sedona. We stop at our favorite coffee shop & walk around town. This year, It poured down rain the entire time we were in Flagstaff! It was a nice change from Gilbert :) 
We always have such a blast in Sedona, I look forward to it every year! 
Especially now that we have Giuliana, she loves it just as much as I do! 
Next year will be even more fun with baby #2 there as well! 
Our little peanut is growing so fast! In 2 days, i will be 24 weeks along! I can hardly believe it! 
just 16 more weeks to go until we get to meet our little man
We still have so much to do to prepare for his arrival. 
We seriously have been running around like maniacs trying to re organize and finish up house projects. 
We haven't done a single thing for our boy yet! 
Next week, we are painting his room though, & the crib is already moved to his room since G is now in a big girl bed. That counts for something right?

Anyways, happy friday everyone :) I hope you are all enjoying your summer!  


  1. Cute little bump! Having a baby boy is so fun, our little guy is such a typical boy- the other day he bonked his head on the coffee table leg and has a screwed-up "I don't like this" face for about half a second before he started giggling haha.

  2. Before the creation of the sedona method Lester was a materialist having been trained as a physicist. He only believed in what he could see and touch and had no spiritual or metaphysical interests. However, when he was confronted by his own mortality Lester began to question the meaning of life, his role on the planet and why he was here.