Tuesday, July 16, 2013

{gender reveal party}

It was so much fun! We knew we wanted to do something similar this time around for baby #2
But this time it was a lot more simple. Which we were totally fine with! 
It's funny how different it is the second time around, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying its not as exciting as the first, its just.. different! 
Last time there were soooooo many people in our little house, it was crazy! fun, but crazy! we sent out a special invitation and everything. We put so much work into setting up the party, making sure every little thing was perfect. It was kind of stressful!
This time, we were a lot more relaxed. I sent out a text to our close friends & family inviting them to find out the gender. About 20+ people showed up. We did a simple set up of iced tea, Lemonade, water, & snacks. I made a couple of props & hung some banners i made a while back, & boom! It looked great. Simple & sweet. We really enjoyed ourselves. My sweet friend Jenny took some pics of our intimate event, & i thought i would share them!
{I made these muctache & lips props. I bought felt, traced & cut out the shapes i wanted, & glued them to sticks! Super simple & super cute. Everyone picked one, depending on what they thought baby johnston was}
{My hubby & our good friend Dan carrying the "secret box" outside}

We had a blast finding out that baby #2 is a BOY!! woohoo!! We knew it all along! 
G is going to be a big sister :) She is really excited about it too! 
She is finally beginning to grasp what is going on. 
I'll ask her "Where is baby brother?" & she grabs my tummy & says "my baby bruvver {aka brother}, he sleeping"  & gives my belly a big kiss. It just melts my heart! she is going to be the best big sister ever.
Well, i promised in my last post that i would do another post sharing more details, so, i hope you enjoyed reading ;) Oh! & in my last post there is a video, if you want to watch the reveal. It was a lot of fun! 
Happy Tuesday Everyone! 


  1. Your decor was simple and splendid! I am obsessed with paper straws for parties and I will have to tuck that felt stick idea in the back of my mind when I can finally convince one of my friend's to let me throw them a gender reveal party. Congratulations on your new addition!

  2. Congratulations on your little man!


  3. Thought I would comment and tell you how adorable your family is! I stumbled on your blog on pinterest! Our kids will be very close in age and so are we. (N born March 2012, and baby boy due Nov 17!). My husband and I met in high school, married in '09 and I graduated high school in '07. We are also very holistic, cloth diaper, breastfeeding, etc! Glad I found you, we are in MI.