Sunday, September 1, 2013

{DIY coconut almond butter}

I have been a bad pregnant lady
The last couple weeks I have eaten WAAAAAY too many almondy joys
Yes the candy bar. 
The king size almond joy candy bars. 
ok i have confessed
I feel much better now :) 

You know how it is when you're pregnant though.
You get your mind set on a certain taste or smell or texture & you just have to have it! 
This craving started because of another craving i have. 
I crave ice like no ones business when i am pregnant. I craved it with Giuliana, & now, i crave it with Liam too. 
Weird right? 
Well anyways, every other day {i'm not exaggerating} i go to the circle k down the street & fill 4 44oz cups with crushed ice & store it in my freezer. Sounds so dumb i know!  but i can't resist it! It's the best ice! & i will let you in on a little secret, if you bring your cups back to circle K & refill them with just ice, they don't charge you! So, you get you ice fix for free ;) Which in my case, is great, because I munch on it all day and all night. & Everytime i go to get my free ice, i buy an almond joy, so i don't feel so guilty walking out of there with 4 cups of free ice {This is how the craving started!} ..I sound so pathetic haha! 

Well, I knew i had to kick the almond joy craving, so I came up with a healthier replacement. 
I made some yummy coconut almond butter! 
It is seriously so delicious you guys! 
When i get that craving for an almond joy, i just eat a spoonful of this stuff, & boom! Craving fixed :) 
It tastes great and it doesn't contain anything too crazy.
& it is super simple to make
You need:
1 cup of your favorite almond butter {Or any nut butter really}
1/4 cup coconut BUTTER {not coconut oil}
2 teaspoons honey {I like whipped honey}
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

* If you want to make your own almond butter, take 1 1/2 Cup of almonds and blend until they form a paste, usually about 4-5 minutes. 
I like to start with already made almond butter. Why? Because i like my almond butter super smooth & creamy :) I Love barney butter. It is the best and creamiest i have found. I buy it at sprouts. 

* Make sure you use coconut BUTTER not coconut oil. They are completely different things. 
Coconut butter is the unsweetened flesh of the coconut ground up into a butter. You can blend it into smoothies, put it on ice cream, It is delicious by itself too! I eat it by the spoonful!  Its great. & full of good calories :) 
Place all ingredients in the bowl of your food processor
Blend together until well mixed, about 3 minutes
Using a spatula, scrape every little bit of your almond butter into a container
& don't forget to lick the spatula clean ;) 
Spread it on some whole grain toast or just eat it by the spoonful! 
It is delicious no matter how you eat it 

Give it a try! It is so simple & seriously so yummy! 
Let me know what you think ;) 
Happy sunday!


  1. This sounds positively delicious, and I SO want to try it. Where do you get your coconut butter? The grocery store I usually go to doesn't have it. Does Trader Joe's carry it? (BTW, my little guy is named Liam, too. Good choice!)

    1. Hello!
      I get my coconut butter at whole foods :)
      & little liams are so cute, i'll bet your little guy is adorable!