Saturday, September 7, 2013

{DIY hot oil hair treatment & 7 healthy hair tips}

When I was pregnant with giuliana, i chopped 9 inches off my hair.
Craziest decision I've ever made!
Just because i "felt like it was time for something new"
I blame the pregnancy hormones.
It looked cute but, it just wasn't me.  
I have since been trying to grow my hair back out. 
It's been 2 years.
2 years of wearing mostly pony tails, teasing my roots to keep from looking flat, blow drying every day to get volume, using my straightener {almost every day} & using my clip in hair extensions when we dressed up, so i could curl my hair without looking like a poodle! 
Short hair was just not for me. 
It was too much work!

So here i am 2 years later, & I am finally comfortable with the length of my hair.
I can style it how I want and I look like me again! 
My hair has so much damage from all the hot tools and teasing & hair ties from the last 2 years..

And now, I am pregnant again & my hair is funky! Its frizzy & my scalp is dry, which makes my nasty split ends look even worse! Pregnancy does the weirdest things.
I have committed to getting my hair healthy again & the last 2 months I have changed a few things in my hair routine:

I let my hair air dry every single time i wash my hair. 
I wash my hair at night after i put giuliana to bed
As my hair dries i clean up downstairs, fold some laundry, do the dishes etc. 
It is usually dry by the time i go to bed. 

When i do use hot tools, I use a heat protectant.
I curl my hair maybe twice a week {?} 
I like BB styling lotion. It's a heat protectant and a styling spray. 

I eat more fruit & veggies
Your diet can really influence how your skin & hair look. 
I eat a banana with some strawberries almost every morning 
other "healthy hair foods" I enjoy:

I stopped using regular hair ties. 
I use the nylon hair ties. They don't break your hair & they don't leave a "dent" in your hair. 
I also use these spin pins from "Goody"
These things are so cool! When i put my hair in a bun, I wrap my bun, then twist one  {Only one!!!} of these in my hair and it stays all day and doesn't leave the damaging effects that hair ties can leave. 

I use a good moisturizing shampoo 
my regular shampoo & conditioner of choice:
I seriously Loooooove this stuff! 
It smells so yummy & makes your hair so soft

About a month ago, I started using WEN. 

I really truly believe that WEN has helped my hair sooo much! 
I wash with it, leave it on for 5 minutes to deep condition, & use it as a leave in conditioner.
It is seriously amazing!  
I still use my regular shampoo and conditioner, but I use this every other time i wash my hair. I use it as a Leave in conditioner every single shower though. 
The thing about WEN though, is, its Expensive!  That is a big part of why i have not completely converted to using solely WEN. I have to use about 20 pumps every shower because of my hair length so i go through a bottle pretty quick.
It really has improved my hair though.

I buy my WEN at sephora. Only some sephora locations carry it. 
the only other way to purchase it is through the WEN website 

I started incorporating home hot oil treatments into my hair routine
They have helped  my hair significantly! 
I use coconut oil with a bit of tea tree oil. The tea tree oil helps combat dry scalp & dandruff, & the oil adds moisture while sealing in that moisture with the heat. 
Here's my recipe:

You will need:
1 tablespoon coconut oil 
5-6 drops tea tree oil 

place your coconut oil in a microwave safe bowl & microwave for about 30 seconds, or until melted.
Take it out of the microwave and stir in your tea tree oil .
Dip your fingers into the warm oil & beginning at your roots, spread the coconut oil through your hair., all the way to the ends.
After you have used all of your oil, pull your hair back into bun.
Add heat to your hair.
I use my hair dryer, then wrap my hair in a towel.
Leave on for 20+ minutes.

Then, take the towel off and hop into the shower! 
Rinse your hair out then shampoo and condition per usual. 
Let your hair air dry
then revel in how healthy and beautiful your hair looks! 
Do this 1-2 times a week 

I just HAD to share what i have done to help improve the health of my hair, because, well, these things really have helped! My hair is the healthiest it has been in years! 

Hope these tips are helpful to someone out there! 

Happy Saturday :) 


  1. I can't wait to try out this hot oil hair treatment. I've heard of using coconut oil in your hair before but never knew the exact steps. I'm pregnant and my hair has become much drier than usual. Thanks!

  2. Hey this is great. Hot oil treatment really makes the hair nourished, full of life and healthy. Even shiny and smooth. Thanks for sharing. It is very much necessary to take proper hair loss treatment to avoid hair loss.

  3. It is important to pamper hair. Nice treatment can maintain hair healthy.

  4. No wonder why you have a smooth and healthy hair, and this is because of the coconut and tea tree oil. Thank you for sharing your secret to a fabulous hair. I'm a big fan of Ombre hair extensions, and I think my natural hair needs some hot oil treatment. I'll try this at home and hoping that my hair gets nourished and healthy.

  5. I need to do this ASAP! Where can I but tea tree oil? Thanks!

  6. I also love Wen - but stop buying it from Sephora! Way overpriced! QVC has it on air and on their website all the time and the savings is incredible!! In June they sell their gallon size at a crazy discount! Check it out.

  7. Wen is available at those seen on TV stores.
    Google "no poo". Healthier for your hair and inexpensive.

  8. After 4 blessings my hair has decided to turn curly, while maintaining its frizziness. I can't wait to try the hot oil treatments and hope they help me tame this mane!