Monday, June 18, 2012

{mother's milk popsicles}

mothers milk popsicles
for baby of course :)

there are 2 different ways i make them
you will need:
a milk freezing tray {i got mine at buybuy baby}
expressed milk
Basically you freeze your milk
once frozen, take out a 1 oz stick & wrap a paper towel around it
& your done! 
This option i the "more milk" option. The next option doesnt have as much milk in a serving
you need:
freshly expressed breast milk
a clean ice tray
Fill the ice tray with the expressed milk
put the pacifiers in the ice tray slots of milk
Put the ice tray in the freezer for a couple of hours
When done, pop out the pacifer pops onto a plate
store them in a freezer safe container
I use ball freezer jam jars
Attatch a mothers milk pop to a paci keeper..
& give it to your sweetie to enjoy!
& ALWAYS always always stay near your little one when they are enjoying these, as with any food they put into their mouths. Remember, they are still learning :) 

They are great for little teething munchkins like G.
When she is having a fussy day, but doesnt want to comfort nurse, ill give her one of these & she LOVES it. 

Note: This is not an idea for a meal replacement. Always feed you baby the usual meals/breastmilk/formula. This is just a "snack". 

{G is almost 6 months old in these pictures, enjoying her paci pop. I would suggest waiting to try this until your baby is atleast 5/6 months old.}

Happy monday