Friday, June 22, 2012

{6 months of G}

{The night before she was born}
{1 month}
 {2 months}
{3 months}
{4 months}
{5 months}
{6 months}
These past 6 months we have learned so much about G, about parenting, & about ourselves.
There have been hard days & easy days
sad days & happy days
Days where we some how made it through with no more than a half hour of sleep 
nights where we went to bed with sweet potatoes in our hair & baby toys in our bed
We've watched more Yo Gabba gabba than i ever thought was possible
& weve learned what a treat it is to just take a shower!
Baby kisses {AKA baby licking your face} are sweet
Poopy diapers aren't scary anymore
baby coos & giggles are music to our ears
We've gotten used to people greeting G before they greet us {its actually pretty funny, shes a people magnet!}
we've turned into "baby talk" machines...even when were not talking to a baby
Peek a boo is the funniest thing EVER 
{& so is mommy blowing her nose}
{& daddy singing..}
{& the neighbors dog..}
Her "Wabbit" is her BEST FRIEND
Never ending laundry is part of life now it seems
& thats ok

Its all worth it! 
Giuliana is our life 
We are crazy about her 
We LIVE to see her smiling face every morning
She is so Cute & has the sweetest personality EVER! 
She is the Happiest kid i have ever seen, always smiling
She is growing so fast! I cant believe it 
I just want time to slow down, so she will be my little tiny baby forever..
But at the same time im enjoying watching her grow & learn

We love being parents
These past 6 months have been amazing
Its hard to believe that in 6 more months we will have a 1 year old kiddo

SO excited to see what adventures lie ahead
We Love you sweet little Giuliana Joy

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  1. Super sweet post. I have an almost 6 month old so now I'm reminiscing too! :)