Thursday, June 14, 2012

{how to: chalk your hair}

Ok, i keep seeing this all over the place & i have been dying to try it! 
So when my little sister came over & agreed to let me use her as a guinea pig, I was stoked!
  {I know im not on junior high anymore, but am i still allowed to use that word?}

You will need:
Hair clips
a spray bottle filled with water
a brush
a curling iron
*Soft pastel chalks {not oil pastels}

*I got our soft pastel chalks at Michaels for $3
I couldnt really take pics as i did this... but
Take a small section of hair & comb through it so there are no tangles
Using the spray bottle, wet the hair thoroughly
Take your soft pastel & rub it on the hair in ONE direction until you get the desired color
Right after you rub the color on, take your curling iron & curl the wet colored hair
yes thats right.
curl your wet hair.
This seals in the color & you wont burn your hair i promise :) 
Keep going until you get the look you want! 

Its super easy! & washes out pretty well.
Give it a try!!

Happy thursday :)


  1. looks so easy! and super cute! not sure if it'll work on my red hair but it can't hurt to try it this weekend. thanks for the post! :)

  2. Okay...I have a question for you. I've seen this all over the place and I've heard mixed things. How hard was it to wash out of your hair?

    1. Hello!
      My sister asid it really wasnt that hard to wash out. It was all gone after 1 wash. :)