Monday, September 5, 2011

{DIY Pretty Ruffle butt Onesies}

So I have been quite the busy body lately. If i'm not at work or spending time with my wonderful husband, i'm in baby mode! I'm always ALWAYS working on something. William is actually getting quite sick of it.  But i just feel like we dont have enough time to do everything we need to do before baby gets here! We only have 16 weeks left folks! Crazy huh?

Well, my busy body project yesterday was making my first ruffle butt onesie :) Here is our tutorial:

DIY Pretty Ruffle butt onesies
You need:
 {forgot to put one in the pic, oops!}
*Fabric strips & lace strips
*A sewing machine
1. cut your fabric & lace to at least twice the size of the width of the onesie you will be sewing them onto

2. Set the stitch on your machine to a longer stitch
3. Hem the edges of any cotton fabric you are using. This will prevent fraying when you wash the onesies. 
4.After you hem the edges, do a stitch all the way down the middle of the fabric/lace strip. Do this for all of your fabric/lace strip pieces.

*When you cut the thread after sewing, be sure to leave a long thread tail on your fabric/ lace.*

5. To make a ruffle:
Pull the BOTTOM thread and ruffle up the fabric. with your fingers. Sounds easy, & it is! 
It will look somehting like this. Do this with all of your fabric pieces.
6. Position your ruffles and pin them onto your onesie.
7. Move the stich size back down to a smaller, shorter stitch. 
8. Sew a stitch right down the middle of each fabric strip.
& there you go! This one is my favorite :) 

I have only made two different ones so far, but arent they cute??? This is really an easy project. I made both of these onesies in about 45 minutes. not bad! Another Project.. Started.. but not finished. I will be making plenty more of these in the upcoming weeks. 

Well, happy monday friends! 

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