Wednesday, September 21, 2011

{26 weeks & A crib for baby!}

It has been quite a while since our last post! but A lot has gone on these last couple of weeks. 
 William & I have been working on so many projects! 
The biggest one that we are super excited about is our new crib :) 
Late the other night, we stayed up & built the crib together. 
{William did most of the work though, ill admit it :)  } 
It turned out beautiful! Even in our messy nursery it looks amazing :) Now Giuliana will have a place to sleep once we get her home! 
& speaking of Giuliana, She is growing nice & big! 
Here we are at 26 weeks! 6 1/2 months already! I can't believe it . We only have about 14 weeks to go until we get to meet our sweet little girl! We can hardly wait :) 

Happy Wednesday :) 


  1. Ashley & Willy,
    You two are so cute!! Love the crib, looks like it fits right in to the nursery!!
    Will you two be getting professional photos taken while your preggo? I always love those pictures!! Happy Wednesday to you two!!

  2. so fun! where did you find your crib? we are still having the hardest time finding one out here...

  3. Mindy: We found ours at target! We kept looking at the second hand stores hoping to find a nice, lightly used crib for cheap but had no luck! We finally saw this one at target for $130 & got it because we liked it so much better than any of the expensive cribs we have seen. {& we're cheap.. haha} If you dont have target out there, you could probably order it online??? Good luck mindy!