Thursday, September 29, 2011

{27 weeks}

{27 weeks}
I'm actually starting to look pregnant & i'm Loving it :) {Although, i am running out of clothes to wear...} Giuliana moves around quite a bit now, which is why we got concerned last week when i wasnt able to feel her move for a couple of days. So, we went into the hospital & got evaluated. They found her little heartbeat after a lot of searching. Our little girl is A-ok, she was just hiding :)
 I love singing to her & rubbing my belly. The song "The only Exception" by paramore has been stuck in my head for weeks now. I'm always singing it or humming it. She likes it a lot :) Hope thats not a bad thing.. 
Seriously, i'm addicted to this song. I play it over & over. & if i'm not listening to it, im singing it.
Whenever we play music or sing, Giuliana jumps around like crazy! I think she is just as eager to meet us  as we are to meet her.
13 weeks left!

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