Saturday, September 10, 2011

{& her name is....}

A lot of you have been asking us if we have decided on a name for our little sweetie pie. Truth is... 
The name we decided on for our little girl is....

Miss Giuliana Joy Johnston
We have both loved & talked about the name Giuliana from day one. It is just such a beautiful name, & you dont really hear it that often. Especiall the European spelling with the "G". 
According to our baby name book, the name Giuliana means "youthful". 
For the middle name, we decided to use Joy. Joy is my grandmothers name. 
She is very dear to me & has been a huge part of my life & my husbands life. It only seemed appropriate to use her name :) 

According to our baby name book, our little girls name says that she will be young & joyful! Im very anxious to see the personality that our little sweetie will have & what she will look like! 
I'm hoping she will be creative like me & smart like her daddy, {Seriously, my husband is one of the smartest people i know!} I hope she has beautiful dark hair like her daddy :) oh & i hope she has her daddies skin. Sounds weird, but he has great skin too! It is never dry, it is always perfect & the pigmentation is so beautiful.
We're getting more & more excited everyday to meet you Giuliana! 
Grow nice & healthy for mom & dad ok? 

Happy saturday :) 


  1. YAYYY!!!! So excited for you guys!! :)

  2. Oh! I love the name you've picked. Elegant, but so fun. =)

    I'm a new follower and I love your blog so far. Especially all your DIY projects. =)

  3. Snoopys sweetheart: Thanks so much! I'm glad u like our blog :-) we try to keep it interesting! And the name we chose, elegant & fun, exactly what we were thinking :) thanks for following!

  4. Beautiful name! She is truly blessed to have the two of you caring for her!

  5. Hi! A blog I read linked to yours for the tree skirt tutorial, and I've been going backwards reading your story because you seem super nice, and very crafty, which interests me because I am too! I always like to see what other people come up with. (What do you do for a living, btw? is it something with art? just curious!) Anyway, I am commenting on this post because my name is Julianne Joy and I gasped a little when I saw the middle name you chose! haha! We're name twins :) I wish you the best of luck.. I'll be following your blog now so I can't wait to see your little one!! -- Julianne

  6. Julianne: you have a beautiful name :)
    As far as what i do for a living, my husband & I work at one of his Families 3 restaurants. My husband is the General Manager & I, along with another gal, Manage the espresso bar. Espresso is artsy in its own way ;) It is something i truly enjoy. I ran that espresso bar for 3 years, until about 3 weeks ago when I had my last day at work :)
    So happy to hear you enjoy our blog! It has been a fun thing to do!
    Have a wonderful day :)