Friday, September 16, 2011

{25 weeks & a night in}

 {25 weeks}
Here we are at 25 weeks already! Im getting more & more plump everyday it seems. Our little munchkin sure does move around alot now too. It is such a strange feeling. William is actually able to feel her moving around now, which is pretty neat. We are very anxious to meet our sweet little Giuliana. 

William & i have been very busy the last couple of weeks with work & school  & havent really had much time to spend with eachother. It seems like whenever we do have a free moment, we are working on stuff for the baby or for our house.. We had a talk the other day & decided that we really need to enjoy these next couple of months together, where it's just us & really focus on eachother. So we have been doing just that :) Last night, we decided to have a date night. Instead of going out somewhere, we had date night at our home! We did something we haven't done in a long time; we had a picnic in our living room. 
The whole night we just sat together, ate our papaya & almonds, shared a sandwich, drank our tea & talked about life, our dreams, & eachother. It was the first time all week that we both got to sit & just relax and not worry about anything. It was truly wonderful :) 

I have been so blessed with a wonderful husband that loves me so much & treats me so well. 
I love that man

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