Monday, September 26, 2011


Remember our List of things to do before baby? Well, we are always working on our little projects. This week, we decided to work on #26: A mantle for our front living room.

We have always wanted to have a fire place in our home, mainly becuase we wanted a mantle. You know, so we can decorate it, & hang christmas stockings on it & stuff. Fake fireplaces arent all that appealing though, so we decided a while back that we would just make a mantle on the wall behind our couch. Wall mantles can get pretty expensive though... so we thought we would be creative & make our own unique mantle.
We went to our families farm & dug around in the junk piles & found this really cool piece of old wood! We took it home & cleaned it off really well. {No more bird poo! yay!} Then we got some wall brackets from a local Rod iron store & put it up just like a shelf! It's our unique wall mantle that only cost $20 :) 
I am very excited to decorate it for thanksgiving & Christmas!  
#26: A mantle for our front living room 
Thank you Husband for your hard work :) 

Happy Monday Everyone! 

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