Friday, September 30, 2011

{ DIY Pallet Bench}

{DIY Pallet Bench}
You will need:
A hand Saw
A strong man ;) 
Get your strong man to use the hand saw to cut the Pallets in half.   :) 
{That is the width we needed to the space we were filling.} 
Stack the Pallets on top of one another & top with comfy cushions! & That's it! 
We will probably go back & sand the edges of the pallets so that no one gets splinters. 
We will put the firepit area to good use very soon! It's definitely s'more season now :)  
Happy Friday!


  1. I love that Willy has his LM keys on his belt loop....did you put him to work as soon as he got home? :)


  2. haha Kiersten, Pretty much! He never takes his keys off or his work uniform. He is weird like that :)

  3. Gah I LOVE this! Where did you find pallets? I always seem them around industrial areas and there's a ton by the dumpsters behind my office, but I'm terrified I'm either going to get arrested taking some or someone's going to see me and just think I'm some crazy person trying to shove one in my car. haha