Monday, October 3, 2011

{DIY Anthropologie style Necklace}

I keep seeing all of these super cute Jewelry tutorials on Pinterest. & with all of the fun Events we have coming up in the next month, {A wedding, a rehearsal dinner, a bachelorette party, baby showers #1 & #2} I figured i would give a few of these tutorials a try, so i can spruce up some of my outfits! Being pregnant, sometimes you dont feel very cute.. I know that some of you reading this know exactly what im talking about. & little things like cute jewelry make you feel kinda cute atleast :) So, im pretty excited about this. 
The first one i attempted was one i found on pinterest a while ago. The original tutorial is Here.
Here is my own Tutorial :) 

{DIY Anthro Necklace}
You will need: 
A glue gun & glue sticks
Ribbon or a chain
Pearls or other embellishments 
Cut 3 circles out of your felt. I cut 2 small & 1 big. 
Apply a line of hot glue around the border of your first felt circle
Apply the edge of your lace to the glue line you just made
Continue the gluing and lace laying process in a spiral around your felt circle, until you have filled the whole felt circle with pretty lace.
It should come outlooking something like this! Repeat this same process on all of your felt circles so that you end up with 3 lace flowers.
Apply your pearls to the center of each flower with a nice dab of hot glue.
Now, at this point, you can either glue all of your flowers together without a backing, or you can do what i did. I cut out a pice of felt in the shape shown above. This will be the backing & support.
One by one, glue all of your flowers tightly together onto our felt piece, covering up every inch of the felt piece.
It should look like this
The last thing you need to do is make your necklace wearable. You can do this by gluing ribbon or a chain to the back of your lace roses. & your done! Both styles of necklace are pretty. I prefer the chain though, because it seemed it was difficult to get the ribbon to ay flat when you wore the necklace. That is just my opinion :) I will post a pic of me wearing the necklace soon! Oh & some of my pics on this post are kinda cruddy, the reason being, my camera is really messed up right now... long story... so i used what i could get :)

Well Happy crafting!! 
More DIY posts to come soon! 


  1. i love this idea! about how big did you make the circles? when gluing the lace on, did you glue it on with or without turning the lace at the bottom? it looks like the lace folded onto the inside of the flower. is that right?

  2. Hello Joan! I just kind of played around with the felt and cut it to the size I felt comfortable wearing. Not too small not too big. I just glued the lace on in a circular pattern, THEN turned the edges to make it look more like a delicate flower. This was because my lace was so tall. If ur using thinner lace u may not have to do this :)