Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{DIY Diaper strap}

This post is for the mamas out there {& soon to be's}
Everyone loves a neat & Organized Diaper bag. When it is organized & clean, it makes it so much easier to get to the things you need quickly!
One project i have been working on, to keep our diaper bag organized, is a diaper strap.
A diaper strap wraps around a stack of diapers & your wipie container & keeps them all tightly & neatly together, so that when it comes time to change a diaper, you simply pull your diaper kit out of your diaper bag, instead of digging around. 
This photo was my inspiration:
Now for those of you that regularly follow my blog, you know that i like ruffles :) {DIY Ruffle butt onesies, DIY Ruffle Christmas tree skirt, DIY ruffle burp clothes} ...
So, of course on my version of this diaper strap, i added ruffles. It is not necessary to add this if you dont want to though!
Here is my tutorial:

{DIY Diaper strap}
You will need:
A rotary board & cutter
Fun fabric
A sewing machine & pretty thread
A pretty button
A needle & thread
Fold your fabric in half, & cut to desired Length & width.
{I cut mine 3in wide & 23in long}
23in long may be too long for some. 
I did this length because we are doing cloth diapers & they are a little more bulky than throw away diapers. 
Pin your fabric so that it is easier to hem the edges
{Forgot to take a before pic oops! but you get the idea :) }
Hem the edges of your fabric.
 I also did some extra stitches throughout the middle of the fabric, to add some fun texture. 
Next, Cut your velcro to size.
{I cut mine to about 5in}
Pin your velcro to either side of your strap. Make sure that the velcro matches up before you sew it on. 
{Again, forgot to take a before pic! But this is what it looks like after it is sewed on :) }
To make a ruffle:
Cut some fabric to twice the length of the strap.
Hem the edges
Set your machine to a looser stitch {Like a 3} and do a stitch down the whole length of the fabric strip
After you do this, you are ready to start making your ruffle.
 Seperate the bottom thread and begin pulling the fabric into a ruffle on the bottom thread. 
Do this until you get the whole line of fabric all ruffly. 

Pin your ruffle onto your original strap & use your machine to sew it on.
Pull all of the pins out of your ruffle. It looks so pretty & Girly! 
Next, pick a pretty button to add some extra flare to your strap.
Again, this part is not really necessary, it just adds a little glam :)
Using your needle & thread, hand-sew your button onto the strap.
& you're done!
To use:
Pull out some diapers & your wipies case..
Stack the diapers & case in the very middle of your diaper strap..
Secure the velcro around your stack & you are ready to go! 
Place your organized diaper kit into your diaper bag 
nice & Cozy :) & Organized! & Pretty! Check check check!

Happy Tuesday!

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