Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{28 weeks}

{28 weeks}
In this picture, i know i look totally loopy... I have been feeling kinda loopy the last few days though because i have been on some pretty strong pain medicine. Miss Giuliana has decided to hang out totally Horizontal in my belly, with her little feet up in the right side of my rib cage, so, needless to say, the right side of my rib cage has been in a lot of pain from all of her sweet kicking. 
We have had lots of sleepless nights and grouchy days, Lots of warm baths & heat packs. My ribs have been visibly swollen! Its so crazy. 
I am beginning to feel a bit better though today. A lot of the swelling has gone down. I think she has moved positions again {thank goodness!} I can enjoy her little kicks again without crying out in pain! {mostly}.. 

We had an ultrasound on monday. Our family & close friends Julie & Jeremy joined us in the room to see Giuliana for the first time. It was pretty neat. Everyone was in awe! My little sister didnt know what to think! 
Giuliana is getting so big! & her features are becoming more defined in the ultrasounds. She will definitely have her daddies nose :) She has my lips, & both of our big eyes! She will be so beautiful. 
We are just so anxious to meet her & hold her in our arms, we can barely contain it! Just 12 more weeks & we will meet our darling little miracle :)

Will try to post soon, but this week will be quite crazy for us with all of the events we have coming up! 
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers :)

Well folks, Happy Wednesday! 

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