Friday, October 7, 2011

{Update: Unexpected hospital visit}

This week really has turned out to be a crazy week, jut like we expected... but for different reasons than we had expected. 
On monday I went into the Dr. to try and figure out why my ribs and right side have been hurting so bad the past couple of weeks {I talked about this in my last post}, The dr said it appeared to just be swollen muscles behind my rib cage, maybe from the baby kicking me. I left the Dr with some strong pain meds and steroids to take down the inflamation. Then on Wednesday this week {the 5th} I went back into my dr's office because the pain in my ribs was not getting any better, it was actually getting way worse, and {not to be too graphic, sorry} i was throwing up all day. When i got to the Dr, he felt my ribs and right side, & immediately sent me to the hospital that was right near by.
It is now Late on Friday October 7th, & i am still here in the hospital..
 Hopefully i get to leave by the end of the day tomorrow..Turns out that the pain i was having, that was causing me to have so many sleepless nights & awful painfilled days, was not just the innocent kicks of our dear baby Giuliana.. I have a severe Kidney infection. I have been on IV antibiotics for days now. I have begun to feel quite a bit better the last 2 days. I have been getting lots and lots of sleep. I no longer have a high fever either, & my blood pressure is back to normal. Still hurting quite a bit but not near as bad as i was before i came in. 

Through all of this, our little Giuliana is still doing well. She has remained healthy & active. Extra active actually! Seems like since im sleeping & laying down a lot more than usual the past few days, she is bored, so she dances around and kicks like crazy :) It's sweet & it keeps me smiling through all of the pain i have been feeling & since i am in the maternity portion of the hospital, they pay as much attention to Giuliana as they do me.  Everyday they come in & feel my belly & Listen to her little heartbeat. This is the most connected & close i have felt to Giuliana the entire pregnancy. We are going through this together :)

William has been so great through all of this too. He is in school full time, working AND staying with me at nigh & through out the day when he can. He has been exhausted.. I am so blessed to have such a strong, willing & caring man in my life. He takes care of me & loves me. He is constanlty hugging me & kissing me, rubbing my neck when its sore & massaging my legs when i get cramps, brushing my hair so i dont feel so crumby.. He has been up with me every night since i have been here as im crying in pain, comforting me... I dont know what i would do with out him. 

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. The infection in my kidneys is slowely being flushed out of my body, & the pain level is going down slowely... still hurting though...badly. Like i said, hopefully im going home tomorrow at some point {Keeping my fingers crossed!}
Thanks to everyone that has called, texted & visited while i have been in the hospital. It really means alot :)


  1. Ashley & Willy,
    Dan and I will be thinking of you guys and little Giuliana until you update us that your home, healthy! I saw Willy today and he's a strong strong strong guy! I'm so happy that you are getting better and the pain is going away! Lots of water ashley! ;-) Big hugs... Stay strong!
    Jessa n Dan

  2. isabella and i love you guys! we miss you so much and youre family is always in my thoughts and prayers

    hannah, casey, and isabella