Monday, October 31, 2011

{32 weeks & Pumpkin Carving}

{32 weeks}
32 weeks! Were almost there! only 8 weeks to go... wow. I can hardly wait :) 

Since we have been married, right before halloween, we have my little sister over & we carve pumpkins.
It has been a fun tradition! Here is a pic from last year:

This year, our friend jeremy joined us as well! It was his first time carving pumpkins. Can you believe it?! We had a blast carving our pumpkins :) My sister & I carved our own & the boys wanted to share a pumpkin. Here are some pics from last night!:

Happy Halloween!


  1. Love the picture of Willy holding the Pumpkin next to your belly, SO FUN!!

  2. Where did you get that amazing floral dress!? It is so maternity chic!

  3. Hillary: Thanks!! My mother actually got it for me! It is from old navy. She got it in a "tall" size so that it wouldnt look super short in front because of my belly :)