Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{31 weeks & a baby shower}

{31 weeks}
Well folks, here we are at 31 weeks already! This means only 9 more weeks to go! {That is, if our sweet little girl decides to keeping cooking that long} As we get closer to her arrival, we get more & more excited, anxious, nervous, & scared all at the same time. Our lives are going to change so much, & were finally getting to a place where we have kind of grasped that concept. Our friends & family have been so wonderful, showing their love & support as we prepare for this little one to arrive. I am so thankful!

On sunday, some friend got together & threw me a baby shower! All of my closest friends were there :) It was so sweet & special.
{My best friend Julie, My sister sarah, me, My sisters' friend Jamie}
{My mother in law, me, My mommy}
The decorations were so beautiful! & everyone looked so great! It was really nice to be surrounded by all of the people i care about & love. 

My husband & I brought everything home from the shower & brought it into the babies room, & all i could do was cry. Seeing all of these little outfits & shoes & hairbows & bottles & blankets, makes it really feel real! & i can imagine holding our sweet little girl in my arms, wrapped in the sweet gifts our friends were so generous to give her. 

I am so anxious to meet our little girl.. I can barely contain it! 
Thank you so much to everyone that was at the shower & helped with the shower. What a huge blessing.
We love you all! 


  1. You are a girlie girl! I'm sure your baby will be as beautiful and full of life as both of you seem to be. I really look forward to the date when I get to meet you all. Until then, my very, very best to you all. Prayers and love from afar ... Roger Massey

  2. It's a good thing you had it early- I had mine at 34 weeks and ended up having my son a week later and I was so glad haha. Looks like you had a great time! Congrats!

    If Work Permits

  3. I'm so happy for You & Willy!! Cant wait to see your little girl... gosh you two are going to be such great parents!!
    Jessa n Dan

  4. Wow!! you look fantastic!!! Congrats on being pregnant! You will love being a mommy!! I found your blog through pinterest and I'm hooked!!! I'm your newest follower and can't wait to read more!!!

  5. Jesse@Balancing the dream: Thank you so very much! Its hard to feel cute when you're pregnant, im sure you know what i mean, so it feels so nice when others think you look cute :) Thank you for following! I really appreciate it :)

  6. OMG Where is that dress from?!?!?!