Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{29 weeks & a secret project}

{29 weeks}
The count down has really begun! only 11 weeks left until we meet our little sweetie. I can hardly wait! Seems like lately, she has had the hiccups a lot. not sure why. But it sure feels funny :) It is so hard ot explain what it feels like to have a little munchkin in your belly. I can feel every move, shift, Hiccup.. its so surreal. The more i feel her move around, the more anxious i get to hold her in my arms. 
William is just as anxious as i am. She seems to be playing a game with him. She will be moving around like crazy & ill tell willy to put his hand on my belly & she stops... willy gets really bummed. & of course, the minute he moves his hand away again, she's moving around like crazy! I think she is playing hard to get ;) 

This week, willy had me choose one project to work on. He says i have been trying to do to many things at one time {which is kind of true i guess}. So, this week i chose a project i am really excited about... Can you guess what it is? 
Figure it out yet?
Will post about the finished project soon, with a tutorial! 
Happy Wednesday!


  1. I'm guessing a tree skirt...?? You are so creative and adorable Ashley! :)


  2. I was going to guess tree skirt too!

    You have got to be the cutest prego girl ever. I can only wish to be that cute when it's our turn!

  3. I'm hoping tree skirt! I'm planning on making one this year (we've been going without the past few years), but havent been able to decide between burlap and a natural white or a dark linen and a natural white...I can't wait to see what yours looks like!