Wednesday, October 26, 2011

{A trip to the Gilbert Historical museum}

I have lived in Gilbert now for about 8 years, & my husband has lived here pretty much his whole life. In this past 8 years, there are so many place i have wanted to visit that i just havent! One of them was the Gilbert Historical Museum. Its a museum in the heart of downtown Gilbert with exhibits about the town of Gilbert's history. William & i finally had an excuse to take part of the day & go visit this museum. William has a project due in one of his classes,  where he has to write a report about certain places throughout Gilbert, & the museum was one of them. We were excited to get to go see this museum, as it was Giulianas first trip to the museum as well :) I think she liked it, she sure was jumping around a lot as we read some of the signs to her. We got really excited when the man at the front desk told us it was ok to take as many pictures as we wanted. There was some pretty cool stuff in there! 


  1. I drive past this place all the time! Good to know that it's interesting :)

    If Work Permits

  2. Thats so good that you two got some time to do something new!! Pretty soon it won't be just you two!! ;-)