Sunday, October 9, 2011

{Going home!}

Small little update:
 I get to FINALLY go home from the hospital!
 After 5 days of lots of IV anti biotics I am feeling much better. Still kind of sore, but they said my kidney infection is gone. {Hallelujah!} The Dr. said i will probably still have mild pain for a few more days, but that is much better then the pain i was going thorough before, so i am glad. 
This was a very scary & painful thing to go through, especially since i am 7 moths pregnant. Lots of sleepless nights & long days filled with Tears.. I would never wish this on my worst enemy! I didnt think i was every going to get to go home! But I have been graciously healed :) 

"But i will restore you & heal your wounds" declares the Lord. ~ Jeremiah 30:17

Thank you all for your prayers & Phone calls & visits. It really meant so much, you have no idea. 

Might sound silly, but im kind of anxious to come back to the hospital now. After getting to know the staff so well in the maternity ward, im excited to deliver our baby here in 11 weeks. {If she decides to wait the whole 11weeks to get here!} We are both just so anxious to hold our little baby & kiss her little face. Seeing & hearing all the little new borns in here the past few days has just really made us excited to be parents.

Alright, time to start packing up my bags! Then i just have to wait to see what time i get to go home.

Thanks again guys. You are wonderful.