Thursday, September 1, 2011

{DIY Reusable Clothe Wipies}

Hello friends! Remember a while back I mentioned that i kind of wanted to try doing cloth wipes instead of store bought wipes, since were doing cloth diapering? Alot of you advised against it, because you thought it was weird :) & after thinking about it for a while, i decided that i atleast want to give it a try, & if we end up hating it, well, atleast we tried!! So, I made my first set of reusable cloth wipies & here is my very own turorial with some pics! :

{DIY Reusable Cloth Wipes}
You will need:
*A rotary cutter & board
*fun colored flannel
*a wipie box, {for measuring the length & to store wipies in}
*a sewing maching
First thing you need to do is cut your flannel to size. I measured my store bought wipie box, & decided to cut my flannel {6 3/4" x 3 3/4"} so that they would fit nicely into the box. You will need your rotary cutter & board to do this, or you can do it by hand with scissors. Up to you! 
{see my belly pop??}  :) 

 Once you have all of your flannel cut, put two matching pieces together & sew them together. 
Dont worry about them being perfect, they are going to be used to wipe a babies bum, after all :)
Place your finished wipies in the store bought wipie box & there ya go! Home made Reusable wipies. I found a recipe for the cleansing solution that i would like to try, but i will wait to make it until were a little closer to the time when the baby is actually here :) 

We found a pretty box at Joannes for $10. I thought it would be fun to keep our wipies in it so they arent as noticable on the changing table. We didnt like the yucky color it was though, so we painted it white :) 

I just think that hiding the wipie box in this pretty box  looks so much nicer :) & there are our Fuzzibunz diapers next to it, ready to go! 

#24 Make Cloth wipies
#25: Buy a pretty box to put wipies in  

Our checklist is slowly getting done!! yay! 


  1. I think reusable cloths are going to be a GREAT Idea Ashley. You will be washing the clothe diapers so you will be able to just throw these in to the wash and save more $$$! Do you have a way to hold wipes while your out and about as well?
    Is it bad that all I saw in your pictures was your baby belly!?!?! Totally adorable!!

    Was great seeing you yesterday & catching up a little bit!!

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  3. I was going to start sewing my own this week so this is a nice little tutorial. I was planning on using some flannel receiving blankets we were given but hardly ever used. So easy and free too!

  4. Cloth wipes are so much better than disposable! We have used them from day 1 and can't imagine doing it any other way. They are much more effective/efficient when cleaning little bums. When you are out and about, try carrying a bag with dry wipes and a dollar store bottle with whatever solution you are using. It is so much easier than you would ever think. And for people that tell you it's too complicated, look at it this way, if you do cloth diapers and wipes both you don't have to have a separate trash can by the changing table because they can all go in your pail. Best of luck!

  5. hmgarnett: thanks for the advice! Looking forward to using our cloth wipes come december : )

  6. Smart girl. You will love it. I did this for both my children 25 plus years ago. LOL. Good Luck!

  7. I'm sorry to leave a comment on all of your cloth diapering post, but I always tend to come back to yours. I love them, what can I say?

    This time around, I just wanted to lend some information I just recently saw on youtube where they cut the fabric double the depth of the disposable wipes box so that they could fold the cloth wipes in a way to come out of the box the way that disposable wipes do. This is one video I saw on how to fold them to come out that way. Thought maybe...if you've been liking cloth wiping, you might like this!

    1. hey! Thanks for the tip!
      We actually do that :) I dont use my home made wipes anymore, i use Bumgenius Cloth wipes, they are my absolute favorite! We fold them just like throw away wipes & i poor a mixture or Mild dr. bronnors soap & water over the top. They are perfect!