Thursday, September 8, 2011

{Projects to do.. finished!}

Remember our list of things to do before baby

We have actually been able to cross a lot of the projects off the list :) {although we have added a few others}
Here is what we have accomplished so far:

#1 Stairwell & hallway painted

#2 Find a rug for living room
#14 Pillows for couch

#10 Burlap lampshade for living room
{We found this lamp stand at a thrift store for $1! painted it white and made a lamp shade :) pretty huh? }

#9 make lots of burpcloths 

#25: a pretty box to put wipies in  

#24 Make Cloth wipies

#27 Make a Doily lamp

#27 Make ruffle butt onesies

We have already accomplished so much, yet there as still so much to do! Im sure we will get it all done though :) ...Eventually. 

Well, happy thursday everyone!! 

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  1. oh my word. you guys are amazing. haha. we have just a few more weeks & still have TONS of little projects to do...