Friday, September 2, 2011

{A pretty wipie box}

I kind of already mentioned this on my last post, but, I thought it would be a fun idea to keep our wipies in something a little less conspicuous than just a plastic wipie box. So, i have had my eye out for along time, trying to find somehting that is nice, that is big enough to keep a wipie box inside of it. The other day i was at Joannes craft store getting some fabric & i saw this box >>>
It's pretty cool & i got it for $10, so it's even cooler :) For the babies room, were wanting to do lighter colors though, so i spruced it up a little:
I took off all the hardware that i didnt want to get paint on, & put the pieces in baggies so i wouldnt lose them. 
I bought a bottle of white spray paint from home depot..
I took the box apart & put it on the floor of the garage WITH THE GARAGE DOOR WIDE OPEN. Dont worry folks, i had proper air flow & had my face covered :) Me & baby will be A-ok. 
{can you tell we use our garage floor for LOTS of painting projects??}
I covered them with an even layer of spray paint. {The one on the right is the bottom of the box, so i didnt waste alot of paint on it} & let both pieces sit for a while to dry. 
I put all the hardware back on & there ya go! A very pretty box to hide your wipie box in ! fun huh? 

#25: Buy a pretty box to put wipies in  CHECK!

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  1. I was running to Joanne's to grab some supplies to make our wreath, and I remember seeing this post {we use baby wipes, and it's just weird having the box just sitting there when we don't have babies lol} and when I saw the box, I cannot tell you how excited I was, especially when it was originally 30bucks, and rang up for only 10. Thank you so much! Me and the hubs no longer have to be embarassed of our wipie box! haha ♥ and who knows, maybe when we have a baby someday, we can try painting it accordingly to the nursery, ahwwwww, you're making me want babies!!! :D

    Congrats on everything, and you will be in my prayers.