Sunday, May 13, 2012

{mommy day}

Today is mothers day. 
It's so weird to be on the other end. 
Being the mom.
{Im the one in the front with the big pink hat & the baby doll}
My mom gave me a card, & inside she wrote, "It's you FIRST mothers day.. seems like just yesterday you were breastfeeding your dolls!" haha I was a weird kid. 
It seems like just yesterday to me too! I always wanted to be a mommy& now i am a mommy, & i have a real baby, not just a doll.  
Time flies!
I truly feel all grown up!
I love my little girl so much.
I cant wait to have her little friends over & have tea parties with them & dress up, just like my mama did with me. I have such sweet memories. 
I'm hoping i can give that to G too. 

Happy mothers day Mom & also to my sweet MIL! {Mother in law :)}
      Love you both!  Wouldn't trade you for the world :) & happy mothers day to everyone else!! 

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